By Jon Dougherty

In an interview over the Memorial Day weekend, former federal prosecutor Joe diGenova told a D.C. radio station that a “battle royale” is taking place within the Justice Department between Attorney General William Barr and FBI Director Christopher Wray, as well as other elements of the intelligence community.

At issue, said diGenova, are efforts by Barr and the Trump administration to restore “accountable government” to federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies who have long been free to operate virtually independently of any real congressional and Executive Branch oversight — to the point where they have become excessively corrupt.

DiGenova, who is still a practicing attorney with a law firm in D.C., said that Barr has met resistance from Wray and others within the Justice Department as he has attempted, on instructions from POTUS Donald Trump, to get to the bottom of the Spygate scandal and coup attempt that originated in the Obama administration.

“Remember what this is,” diGenova said. “This is the president of the United States asking his new attorney general with full power to find out what went on. The FBI director is saying, ‘No, you’re not going to be able to find out all that’s going on.

“So, that happened over a period of time” — after POTUS Trump empowered Barr to look into the origins of Spygate, diGenova continued. “You know, Bill Barr is a very serious lawyer,” diGenova said, noting that he is not prone to outbursts or participating in shouting matches. “He’s not the kind of guy who loses his temper.”

DiGenova, who said he hasn’t discussed any of this with Barr, noted that this is his “impression” of events based on his own sources within DoJ and FBI.

The former federal prosecutor then noted that there is a “battle royale” taking place but not between Barr and Wray, per se, “although that is happening.” More accurately, “it is a fight between accountable government, between agencies that have resisted for years and have succeeded in not being accountable” to the American people or even Congress and the various White House administrations.

“They’ve met their match” in “an attorney general who not only is smart but who used to work at the CIA, who is a litigator, and who has subpoena power,” diGenova continued.

The CIA and various intelligence agencies, along with the FBI and its various counterintelligence divisions, “are literally at war with the president and his attorney general,” diGenova said. “This [scandal] is as big as it gets in a democracy.”

Clearly the past few presidents, at least — George W. Bush and Barack Obama — both utilized a very weaponized intelligence apparatus within the deep state for different purposes.

Bush spied on Americans via the NSA and CIA (as well as via our Five Eyes partners, no doubt), while claiming to do so on behalf of protecting the country from another terrorist attack — illegal, still, but semi-noble.

Obama, meanwhile, abused the system and spied on American citizens for no reason other than perpetuating one party’s political power.

Our governing institutions are corrupt. Our political culture Hopefully Hopefull, Trump and Barr are the remedies.

Listen (beginning at about the 4:00 mark):

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