By J. D. Heyes

Rush Limbaugh famously eschews Twitter because he believes that it’s not really a form of social media as much as it is a social media sewer.

And after the way his fellow Missourians were treated on the platform after a deadly F-3 tornado ripped through the southeastern portion of the state capital, Jefferson City, Wednesday night, as well as surrounding towns, there is little doubt that he’s correct.

Following the tornado, which reports said struck around 11:30 p.m. and destroyed homes and buildings while damaging businesses, apartment complexes, and churches, Gov. Mike Parson (R) took to Twitter the following morning to advise all “non-essential” government employees not to report to work due to damage to state buildings.

“Due to the tornado and severe weather in Jefferson City last night we are asking that all non-essential state employees in the Jefferson City area remain at home,” Parson wrote. “We have damage to state buildings and power is down in some areas. Please be safe!”

A user named Cameron Gray documented “some of the replies by unhinged leftists” to the governor’s post.

“Clearly god is punishing you for being so anti-women and passing your hateful legislature, Listen to Her,” wrote one user who obviously has no schooling in religion and little in the way of writing coherent sentences.

“Maybe stop trying to legislate woman’s reproductive choices and instead focus on addressing #climatechange in the near future,” wrote another, oblivious to the fact that while the climate may be ‘changing,’ there isn’t anything a piece of legislation will do to stop it.

And so on. 

Not all respondents were hateful and in fact, some admitted being “far Left” but nevertheless sympathetic to Missourians who lost property and loved ones in a series of twisters that touched down in the state Wednesday night.

But generally speaking, it was as Rush has always known Twitter to be: A sewer.

Only Twitter trolls and propagandized Leftists could ever believe that passing a bill that saves a life rather that allows it to be snuffed out is a bad thing. Or simply a ‘woman’s choice.’ Or a civil right. Or a constitutional right.

Yes, yes, of course; the Supreme Court gave its blessing to abortion in 1973, but in doing so the court’s liberal justices had to severely twist the meaning of the Constitution’s language in order to ‘find’ the ‘right’ to kill an unborn human being.

Because that’s what it is, an unborn human being. Not a “fetus.” Not a lump of tissue. Not “cells.”

And certainly, it shouldn’t be a choice.

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But beyond these obvious things is the arrogance that comes from other people living elsewhere who have no political ties to the state of Missouri presuming that they should have a say in what its residents decide, via their representatives.

It’s no different if New York, say, passes a bill essentially legalizing infanticide — though the federal government may eventually have a problem with that. New Yorkers vote for and get the kind of government they want and deserve; likewise for Missourians and residents of other states who don’t support killing unborn humans. 

People should learn to understand that their opinions about life are just that — their opinions. They have a right to them but they don’t have a right to force them onto others.

Abortion-on-demand types do want to do that, though. They do want the authority to tell those of us who find the practice despicable in nearly all instances we must accept it, even when we choose not to.

Or else let us be consumed by tornadoes. 

A version of this story first appeared at NewsTarget.

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