By Jon Dougherty

Presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway panned House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s description Thursday of her meeting with POTUS Donald Trump and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer a day earlier, saying that she is losing control over her caucus regarding impeachment and other issues, causing her to lash out.

Conway noted that the president was calm throughout the short meeting at the White House but also “made clear” he can’t work with them on infrastructure and other bipartisan legislation as long as they continue to investigate him over hoaxes.

Also, Conway hit back at Pelosi for claiming just moments ahead of the meeting that POTUS Trump was involved in a “cover-up” of …. something.

Trump “made very clear” Democrats’ “two-track strategy” of trying to win favorable legislation while harassing him over taxes, his finances, and other issues “is nonsense.”

“They can choose whether they want to investigate or legislate and what’s more important to them,” Conway told Fox News.

“Look, we all know Speaker Pelosi is under enormous pressure from some folks in the rank-and-file who are demanding that she get the caucus together and start impeachment proceedings,” Conway continued. “In fact, she’s trying to get them all in line,” as are other senior Democratic leaders.

“And so, she’s got these mixed messages, she’s under enormous pressure to fall in line,” Conway added. “They all have one point of view on abortion, they have one point of view on impeachment, and she can’t keep her caucus together, she can’t control her caucus, and she can’t control her temper about the president, and we saw it yesterday.”

Conway there are issues that Democrats and the president could actually work together to address on behalf of the country but noted that the Donkey Party isn’t interested in much of anything except ‘getting’ POTUS.

That is especially true about infrastructure, something POTUS Trump has been talking about since his 2016 campaign, but “they ruined” any discussions about it “when, an hour before that, basically with her car running waiting for her, [Pelosi] saying, ‘He’s engaged in a cover-up,’ then coming over her and pretending everything’s great.”

The presidential counselor said that Democrats “can come back over today” to begin discussions about infrastructure, which they say they want to address.

“But do they really? Is that what’s most important? They aren’t even reading the polls,” she continued.

So, where does this leave things between Democrats and the president?

“We want [them] to respond to the president’s immigration plan he put forth last week. Crickets,” said Conway. “He’s doing so much on trade — nothing.

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“He’s come forward and talked about drug pricing, another bipartisan issue we can work on together. Where are they on all these things?” said Conway.

She also laid down a political gauntlet, noting that Republicans need only win back 20 seats in 2020 to retake control of Congress, while 30 or so Democrats in districts Trump won in 2016 are up for reelection.


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