By Jon Dougherty

No, you didn’t read the headline incorrectly. We really believe that President Donald J. Trump, who has been accused of everything from being a Manchurian candidate for Russia, a traitor, a theft, a crook, a liar, and an obstructor of justice, will go down in history as one of the most, if not the most, honest president we’ve ever had.

As this column goes online, the president continues to be hampered in his ability to perform his constitutional duties as head of the Executive Branch by a Democratic Party that, quite frankly, is being run by people who hate our country so much they would see it torn asunder just so they could assume rulership of whatever remained.

It’s not accurate to call Democrats like Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Charles Schumer, Adam Schiff, Elijah Cummings, and Jerrold Nadler “crazy” or “stupid.”

They know exactly what they’re doing in continually attacking POTUS Trump, perpetually investigating him, and labeling him ‘mentally unstable,’ ‘unfit,’ and otherwise unqualified to hold his position.

They know he didn’t ‘collude with Russia’ to ‘steal the election’ from Hillary Clinton.

They know Russiagate is a hoax, and that Spygate is the operation launched by their president, Barack Obama, to take Trump down and destroy his administration.

They know there isn’t anything in Trump’s tax records or financial records that will indicate he did anything shady with Russia or any foreign government.

They know that every allegation he makes against them — that they aren’t interested in legislating, that they are engaged in witch hunts, that Democrats are perpetuating the lies generated by the Mueller ‘investigation’ — are accurate.

They know Trump was “spied on” by Obama.

They are well aware of the fact that the disgustingly dishonest “Mainstream media” is in the tank for them and serves as the Democratic Party’s propaganda wing.

What they are counting on, then, is that a growing number of Americans — perhaps even a majority at some point – don’t know that Democrats have been lying to them all along about this president, his background, his dealings, and his actions in office.

They aren’t stupid. They’re dangerous.

But they’ve also miscalculated, badly, by turning this president into the most investigated chief executive in modern history. They believed he was a stereotypical ‘bad rich guy’ and so they underestimated him bigly.

He saw them coming.

Consider that POTUS Trump is, was, and will again be one of the most shrewd businessmen to have ever lived in America.

He knew before he ever stepped up to the podium in Trump Tower in NYC in June 2015 that should he manage to win the Republican Party’s nomination, he would be attacked, investigated, hated, hunted, and probed ceaselessly by the swamp he pledged to drain.

A man who is guilty of something, anything, would never voluntarily risk everything he has knowing that at some point, someone would find out he’s a crook and reveal it.

Trump knew more about D.C. and the gutter tramps and trolls who populate it than they knew about themselves — or the country they purport to represent. That’s why he won. That’s how he won.

He’s been a ‘big deal’ in business for decades; a man doesn’t get to be such a big deal in the politically hostile environs of New York City without running a clean ship.

Had Trump really been a business criminal, who honestly believes Robert Mueller and his den of Democrat donor prosecutors would not have discovered as much?

Who believes that nearly three years into his term, someone in the IRS wouldn’t have leaked information that Trump was a tax cheat or worse to an allied Democrat, who would have then leaked it to the media?

Trump has few friends in the deep state intelligence community, as we’ve seen via “Spygate,” where the CIA’s and NSA’s vast “Five Eyes” spy network was even utilized to try to find some dirt on him during the 2016 campaign. Because of that, if he really had done something nefarious with Russia’s Vladimir Putin to ‘steal’ the election, who seriously believes that information would not have been a) leaked; or at a minimum b) included in Mueller’s report?

No such information exists because we have an incredibly honest man as our president.

We can come to no other conclusion at this point.

Not only hasn’t there been any revelations of criminality, but Trump routinely delivers on his promises — those on which he can deliver, that is.

He moved the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, though every president since Bill Clinton promised to do so but didn’t.

He’s cut so many regulations and so much red tape American businesses are moving back to the U.S. (after Obama claimed that Trump has ‘no magic wand’ and, thus, could never pull that off).

He’s grown the economy to the point where quarterly GDP is routinely above 3 percent (imagine how much worse off we’d be in dealing with China if the president hadn’t strengthened our economy so much?).

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He’s reversed Obama’s tepid job growth something like 180 percent — to the point were every demographic and every ethnic group is now better off under his economic leadership.

He’s doing what he can to rebuild walls along the border and build new ones; he’s only been thwarted by Congress and the courts at every turn.

The U.S. military is being rebuilt.

Other trade deals like NAFTA have already been renegotiated (as promised) and now away Congress for approval (See Democratic leadership on this one).

He’s done justice and prison reform, something Obama mouthed about but never did anything about.

And he’s done all of this while under constant assault from Democrats and the D.C. deep state.

Who else, from either political party, could have posted such an impressive record of achievement while under continual withering political fire — and still get up every morning for more of the same?

Only an honest person can do these things. Only someone without anything to hide can accomplish such presidential feats.

Donald Trump isn’t perfect (who is?). He sometimes tweets too much (but doesn’t he have to?). He can be gruff and unconventional (and we knew that going in). But to insinuate, on any level, that he’s dishonest? A crook? A cheat? A criminal?

That’s about the dumbest thing any of his opponents could say about the man. The evidence against it is so obvious and overwhelming.

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