By Jon Dougherty

We’re not in the habit of giving Democrats useful political advice, so we won’t try to do so at this time, either, but if we had to, we’d say, ‘When it comes to Russiagate, cut it out.’

That’s because a pair of new surveys show very clearly and definitively that Americans are sick and tired of hearing about it and want congressional Democrats to move onto something resembling goverance.

According to a new national survey conducted by Monmouth, a majority of Americans say it’s time for Congressional Democrats to move on to other subjects.

Oh, and most Americans are none too keen on Democrats’ call for impeaching POTUS Donald Trump, either, according to Monmouth:

While a clear majority of the public supports getting more details about the Mueller report, just over half (52%) say that Congress should move on to other issues now that the investigation has concluded.

Just 41% say that Congress should continue to look into concerns related to the inquiry. These results are similar to the public’s opinion last month just before the report was released…

The poll finds that 39% of Americans feel that Trump should be impeached and compelled to leave the presidency while 56% disagree with this course of action.

“By double-digit margins, voters want Congress to “move on to other issues,” and the gap grows even wider on impeachment,” Guy Benson at TownHall writes.

More: Another survey, this one from CBS News, finds that a majority of voters would love for Congress to move onto other issues because they have heard plenty about the report by special counsel Robert Mueller to form their own opinions and conclusions:

majority of voters want the legislative branch to pursue other issues, as they’ve heard enough about the Mueller report to have formed their own conclusions. Fifty-three percent want Congress to “drop” Russiagate while just 44 percent want the investigations to continue.

Meanwhile, 58 percent say they’ve “heard enough” about the Mueller report, while just 38 percent want to “hear more.”

There is some bad news in the Monmouth survey for POTUS Trump as well. The pollster says that 60 percent of voters want a “new president,” up from 58 percent in November.


As Benson notes, much of these figures do appear to be driven by the Democrats’ Left-wing base:

The unhinged Democratic base will continue to drive at least 40 percent opposition to the president, that much is a given. But he remains incredibly popular with his own base (high 80s, low 90s) and he is holding his own with Independents.

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Plus, he does have a great economy to brag about with historic low unemployment across demographics and races, and he has delivered on many key promises — constitutionalist judges, moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, cutting red tape and regulations, dealing blows to Obamacare, rebuilding the U.S. military, and renegotiating horrible trade deals, just off the top.

And there is the fact that Democrats really are pushing too far in what they are attempting to do to him  regarding all of their non-stop probes — antics that will very likely hurt them in the same swing states like Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and West Virginia, which they are trying to flip back in 2020.

So, our advice? Keep doing what you’re doing, Dems, by all means. Keep proving the president’s point that while he’s trying to get things done for the American people, you all are running a non-stop three-ring circus on Capitol Hill.

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