By Jon Dougherty

The so-called “Russian collusion investigation” that wasn’t really an investigation but a search for evidence to fit a pre-determined narrative was supposed to be the end-all, be-all for the #NeverTrump faction in Washington, D.C., which is vast, to get rid of our duly elected president.

But the report by special counsel Robert Mueller did no such thing. In fact, one might say Mueller’s Hillary Clinton-supporting sycophantic lawyers wrote the report in such a way as to give majority House Democrats ammo to continue going after the president under the pretense that he may indeed have done something wrong.

Like, obstructing an investigation that never was obstructed because it was allowed to continue to its conclusion. And anyway, the allegations of ‘collusion’ were bogus, to begin with.

Nevertheless, Democrats took Mueller’s hand-off and are now pretending as though collusion and obstruction really are a thing, issuing subpoenas to everyone every associated with the president (including, perhaps, his pets at some point) in an ongoing effort to undermine him and eventually impeach and/or drive him from office.

On Wednesday, POTUS made clear he’s had enough of the sham, so he took his ball and went home.

The president walked out of a meeting with Democratic leaders to discuss a $2 trillion infrastructure plan, stating that as long as they continue to harass him with bogus, clown-show investigations, he’s not going to do a deal with them.

“I walked into the room and I told Sen. Schumer and Speaker Pelosi, ‘I want to do infrastructure’ … but we can’t do it under these circumstances,” the president told reporters, as CBNC reported.

It’s likely Trump was ticked off by Nancy Pelosi’s mouth after she claimed earlier in the day, “We believe the president of the United States is engaged in a cover-up” after blocking White House aides from giving testimony and responding to document requests from ongoing congressional investigations.

“I don’t do cover-ups,” the president told reporters.

No, but Obama sure did, and where was Pelosi then?

In any event, CNBC said, quoting a person familiar with the meeting, that it only lasted about seven minutes. The source said POTUS Trump came in and basically said he wants to do infrastructure, “‘but you’re focused on investigating. When you’re done we can talk. Meeting over.'”

Pelosi blamed Trump, of course. “I knew the president was not serious about infrastructure and would find a way out,” she told reporters.

She’s lying. The president has been talking about ‘doing infrastructure’ since his campaign. In fact, according to no less than The New York Times in an August 2016 report, then-GOP nominee Trump proposed to quadruple Hillary Clinton’s offer to spend $275 billion over five years on infrastructure (Trump proposed $800 billion-$1 trillion).

The president has been ‘serious’ about infrastructure spending since before he was elected. His only condition before today was to get his renegotiated NAFTA/USMCA plan approved first.

But considering the clown show that Pelosi is running in the House, it’s really easy to see it is she who isn’t serious.

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