By Jon Dougherty

On Tuesday, The Gateway Pundit‘s Kristinn Taylor wrote a piece claiming that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is under increasing pressure from her Left flank to begin impeachment proceedings against POTUS Donald Trump.

Further, Taylor says a senior Democrat predicts that Pelosi is going to cave to this pressure and jump in feet first to impeach the most innocent of all presidents nearly in the history of the presidency.

Taylor writes:

House Democrat leaders are pushing Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) hard for her to give her approval ‘ASAP’ for commencing impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump, according to several reports Monday evening. Pelosi has thus far refused to give her blessing to impeachment.

Fox News Congressional reporter Chad Pergram reported via Twitter that a senior Democrat House member is predicting Pelosi will succumb within two weeks to pressure from the majority of the Democrat caucus that supports impeachment and switch to giving her approval.

Pergram reported via Twitter:

“Sr Hse Democrat who asked they not be identified asserted that Pelosi will likely have to switch her position on impeachment “within the next two weeks.” The Democrat argued that “the vast majority of us are for impeachment.”

“From a senior House Democrat who has their finger on the pulse of the Democratic Caucus. The lawmaker, who asked that they not be identified, tells Fox that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) “isn’t going to be able to hold off on impeachment much longer. It is coming to a head.”

“Fox is told there was a hearty debate offstage among Hse Dems today about impeachment. Rep. David Cicilline (D-RI), who runs the Democratic Policy and Commuications Committee, an arm of the Democratic leadership, is now calling for impeachment.”

Cicilline posted a statement to Twitter calling for an impeachment inquiry if former White House Counsel Don McGhan did not testify before Congress Tuesday (he didn’t):

Meanwhile, Politico reporter Sarah Ferris also noted that Pelosi was under siege on Monday by Democrats pushing for impeachment:

On Tuesday, TownHall reported that Pelosi scheduled an “emergency meeting” tomorrow morning with her restive Democratic caucus to discuss impeachment:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has called an emergency meeting with Democrats Wednesday morning at 9 a.m. to discuss their demands for impeachment proceedings against President Trump, per Fox News. 

“The pressure is actually real,” as Dana Perino noted.

This comes following a closed door meeting with some members of her caucus in which she reiterated that now is not the time to consider impeachment – it’s time for them to turn to other issues.

But let’s recall that many Democrats in 2018 ran on the impeachment issue. More than 60 Democrats signed onto an impeachment pledge months before Robert Mueller’s report was even completed, much less turned over to the Justice Department.

So, it’s understandable that these Democrats would be clamoring for an impeachment proceeding…it’s all they’ve got moving forward.

They don’t have a majority of Americans on any of their major policies — socialist economic policy, Medicare-for-all, open borders, more Leftist cultural degradation, etc. So if they don’t move to impeach POTUS, they don’t believe they’re going to fare well come November 2020.

But Pelosi’s been around for decades. She knows the game. She was around the last time a president — Bill Clinton — was impeached. She remembers how the country rallied around him even after many of his signature policies — universal healthcare, assault weapons ban, higher taxes — cost Democrats control of the House. And she believes the same thing will happen again.

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The only way Pelosi signs off on this is if she comes to the conclusion it’s the only way to try – try — to stop POTUS Trump’s reelection next year. But she would have to have assurances that the Senate would convict him — and a sizable plurality of Americans wouldn’t revolt if POTUS were convicted, considering he’s done nothing to deserve impeachment.

And it’s looking more and more like that’s going to happen.

We almost feel sorry for Nancy. Almost. She is truly in a ‘damned if you do, damned if you don’t’ situation.


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