By Jon Dougherty

You may have noticed recent polls claiming that POTUS Donald Trump is losing to nearly every Democratic presidential contender save the most obscure of them and that he’s really tanking against “Creepy” Joe Biden.

Well, fear not. It appears as though the Left’s propaganda polling has already begun because April’s fundraising figures recently released by both major parties paints an entirely different picture.

As noted by Townhall, the Republican National Committee more than doubled its April fundraising haul compared to the Democratic National Committee, with the RNC pulling in $15.9 million in April, new campaign finance disclosures reveal. The DNC, by contrast, only raised $6.6 million.

“The fundraising haul brought the RNC’s war chest to $34.7 million cash on hand, while the DNC ended the month with only $7.6 million cash on hand,” the site reported.

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel tweeted that the haul signified “another record-breaking month” of fundraising.

Fox News added:

Not only Republicans are beating Democrats in total fundraising, the majority of donations to the RNC came from small donors who donated up to $200. According to the disclosures, nearly $9 million in donations came from such donors, while just over $4 million were from large donors. The rest of the fund came via other forms of contributions.

On the Democratic side, the ratio between small donors and big donors is somewhat equal, though big donors in total contributed slightly more, with the figure being $3,084,136. Small donors donated $3,065,795.

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The small donations difference is particularly upsetting to the DNC as the party long had a competitive edge due to the massive fundraising tool ActBlue, while Republicans, who don’t have such comparable technology, have been worried in the past about not connecting with the grassroots donors.

The Fox News report is not entirely accurate. In January, the RNC announced the development of a new fundraising platform meant to rival ActBlue, and we reported on it:

The Republican National Committee is set to launch a new fundraising platform that the party hopes will rival ActBlue, a highly successful Democrat vehicle that has raised more than $700 million for campaigns in the 2018 midterms.

GOP groups are backing Patriot Pass, which they say will match and even surpass ActBlue…

Following the party’s midterm losses, GOP leaders said they needed to find a way to match Democratic small-dollar fundraising prowess.

The Republican fundraising vehicle is a joint effort between the party’s data clearinghouse DataTrust and GOP payment processing firm Revv.

Gerrit Lansing, founder of Revv, says that the data combination will help the GOP sail past Democrats and ActBlue.

Mind you, it could be that Democratic fundraising is being subdued over the fact that the party has yet to pick a presidential nominee. But if you’re a Democrat voter, and you know you’re going to vote for the eventual Democratic nominee…wouldn’t you be donating to the party anyway?

Something to think about when you see new polling data in the weeks and months ahead purporting to show [insert Democratic candidate here] kicking butt against POTUS Donald Trump.


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