By Jon Dougherty

Not only are Border Patrol agents stretched too thin and extremely overworked, now they’re beginning to contract diseases long-dormant in the United States that are being brought back into the country by a sea of third-world migrants.

Now, Border Patrol officials are concerned that too many agents will contract diseases and ailments, leaving gaps in shift coverage and the agency’s ability to adequately do its job.

Carlos Favela, president of the National Border Patrol Council Local 1929, told reporters this week that the number of agents hampered by illnesses has reached alarming levels in recent years.

He added that with an estimated 20 to 25 agents from the El Paso sector calling in sick each day, others are coming into work sick because they don’t have any more sick days available to them.

“I believe this is probably the record, you know, Border Patrol-wide, since ever, of agents calling in sick,” Favela told ABC-7.

Favela said that several agents are filing reports with unions saying they have contracted diseases ranging from the H1N1 virus to chicken pox and Legionnaire’s disease after coming int contact with sick illegal aliens the border.

The local union president also said his agents are concerned they could infect their family members with infectious diseases such as tuberculosis.

But hey, not a single Democrat or another member of the #NeverTrump #NeverAWall Congress has contracted a single ailment from a migrant.

“The nightmare for the agent out in the field,” said Favela, “is that they contract tuberculosis or some kind of bacterial disease and they unknowingly take that home to their families and then their whole family is sick.”

Favala knows that the increase in sick agents correlates directly with the number of illegal migrants arriving at the border.

KVIA reported, “Newly-released figures from the Department of Homeland Security reveal Border Patrol agents encountered 109,144 migrants in April 2019, the highest since 2007.”

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Meanwhile, more agents are getting…sick.

Favela says that it’s not easy to obtain the evidence needed to quantify the issue and prove a connection. However, he disputes other Border Patrol hierarchy who say that the correlation isn’t there.

“That’s false,” he said. “Ever since the big surge of the immigrants started coming in, even as far back as September, we started seeing those numbers slightly increase – of agents calling in sick.”

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