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Left-wing Dem bully’s challenge met at Philly Planned Parenthood clinic: ‘We won’t be intimidated’

By Jon Dougherty

A few days after a ‘tolerant’ Left-wing Democratic state lawmaker from Pennsylvania harassed three females and an “old white lady” who were engaged in a peaceful demonstration in front of a Philadelphia Planned Parenthood abortion mill, throngs of additional pro-lifers showed up there on Friday to push back against the bullying.

“I’m grateful that we are not merely complaining right now,” conservative writer Matt Walsh told attendees. “No, we decided to do something, we responded. We are engaging on the issue in the real world. I hope we continue this.

“We are saying to the pro-life activists that they are not alone and that we are with them,” Walsh added. “We can’t just be pro-life in our minds, we have to live that truth — to bring that truth out into the real world.”

Friday’s gathering comes just a few days after Pennsylvania state Rep. Brian Sims (D) posted a video of himself harassing an “old white lady” praying and another video where he offered a cash reward for personal information on teenagers. He later defended his actions in another video.

In addition to Walsh, The Blaze reported, former Planned Parenthood clinic director Abby Johnson — who was behind the inspiration for the recent pro-life movie “Unplanned” — also spoke.

“I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a man that needs Jesus more than that man right there,” Johnson said of her reaction to Sims’ intolerance (some would say he also needs a swift kick in the …).

“And we’re going to pray for him,” Johnson further noted regarding Sims. “But you know what else? We’re going to stand up; we are not going to continue to be bullied.

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“I am sick of this idea that just because we are Christians, we can not stand up and defend ourselves — that we cannot stand up and defend our unborn brothers and sisters,” she said. “We are going to stand up: We will continue to speak up day after day after day.”

As for Sims, you may remember this cowardly jerk; he’s the one who flipped off Vice President Mike Pence (on social media — not to the VP’s face) before his visit to Pennsylvania last year.

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1 Comment on Left-wing Dem bully’s challenge met at Philly Planned Parenthood clinic: ‘We won’t be intimidated’

  1. Always Deplorable // May 10, 2021 at 1:54 pm // Reply

    Note to RINOs and go along get alongers-Feel that bumpy thing along the middle of your back? It’s called a spine!

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