By Jon Dougherty

A major super PAC aligned with POTUS Donald Trump has identified six key states the president will need in order to secure his reelection next year.

According to America First Action, those states are Ohio, Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, Pennsylvania and Michigan, The Daily Caller reported.

No doubt whatever crazy the Democrats nominate, that candidate will win the deep blue enclaves of California and New York, and may even be able to pull off a majority of votes again (though that is looking less and less likely).

But the six states identified by the super PAC represent 114 electoral votes and would easily catapult the president to another four years.

TheDC noted:

America First Action, the pro-Trump Super PAC, has identified six key states that they believe will drive President Donald Trump to reelection in 2020.

Senior officials at America First told The Daily Caller in a background briefing Thursday that the organization’s data models show a clear path to Trump victory using “simple math.” The math is contingent on a three-tiered system of states, with Tier 1 being the organization’s primary focus. …

“If he wins those states, he wins the White House,” president Brian Walsh asserted to the Caller.

America First believes Trump can easily secure 164 electoral votes in comfortably red states, such as Alabama and Louisiana. Then, the organization reasons, he needs only another 109 votes to reach a winning 270.

The “Big Six” states deliver 114 electoral votes.

POTUS Trump’s approval ratings have been high — and higher than President Obama’s ratings at the same time in his presidency — for weeks now. Still, nothing is guaranteed in American politics, and we know that the Democrats can’t win on the merits of their ideas so they’ll be looking for ways to steal as many votes as possible.

More from TheDC:

In order to win the “Big Six,” the group plans to assist the official Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee (RNC) but avoid duplicating their efforts. Officials told the Caller that America First’s comparative advantages are the use of its data to target messages to specific voting groups, and of course, its ability to raise money outside of federal election limits.

For the Democrats, the options aren’t good, either.

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And let’s not forget that the party, in general, is embracing craziness like free education for all (trillions of dollars), the Green New Deal (trillions of dollars and a return to 1870’s technology), and free healthcare for all (trillions and trillions of dollars).

Meanwhile, the Democrats are ripe for lampooning.


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