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Former ICE chief: ‘Forget Congress’ when it comes to dealing with border security crisis

By Jon Dougherty

The former interim chief of Immigration and Customs Enforcement said the best way for POTUS Donald Trump to deal with the burgeoning security crisis along the U.S.-Mexico border is to “forget Congress” and act on his own in ways that are both legal and constitutional.

“Look, I don’t have any faith in Congress. Congress has failed this president from day one,” former ICE Acting Director Thomas Homan said during an interview Thursday on “Fox & Friends,” Fox News‘ morning show.

“They talk about the president obstructing justice — who’s obstructing more than Congress? They obstructed this president from day one,” he continued.

“Forget about Congress. There are certain things we can do operationally if Congress is going to fail legislatively. There’s three things they could do right now that they’re not doing,” Homan added.

For one, Homan said ICE should conduct a “national operation” to deal with so-called family units that are currently arriving at the U.S.-Mexico border, 90 percent of whom, he said, would lose their asylum claim.

“Seek them out, detain them, and remove them,” Homan said, adding that sending all U.S. immigration judges to the border to deal with the influx of migrant families now arriving and thus immediately “send home” those that don’t qualify for asylum would send a message to others enroute to the border not to come.

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Homan’s criticism of Congress comes after the White House on Tuesday asked Congress for $4.5 billion in additional border emergency spending.

“The situation becomes more dire each day. The migration flow and the resulting humanitarian crisis is rapidly overwhelming the ability of the Federal Government to respond,” said Russ Vought, acting White House budget director, in his written request to Congress.

The Trump administration is seeking $3.3 billion for humanitarian assistance, $1.1 billion for border operations and an additional $377 million for the National Guard and Pentagon to operate on the border.

But in a Democrat-controlled House, where the order of the day is to maintain open borders, the president’s request has no chance of being approved — not without major concessions that the president likely would not agree to.

“[Illegal aliens will] keep coming until we make these changes. We’ve got to stop relying on Congress,” Homan said.

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