By Jon Dougherty

Fed up with Democrats over their efforts to protect the Obama-aligned deep state’s coup plot to oust POTUS Donald Trump, a group of House Republicans filed a criminal referral against Nellie Ohr on Wednesday with the Justice Department.

The referral comes after the release of some 339 pages of Ohr’s private emails, which were obtained by government and legal watchdog group Judicial Watch.

Ohr was hired as a contractor in the spring of 2016 by Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson to lead opposition research efforts for the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign against then-GOP candidate Donald Trump and his then-campaign manager, Paul Manafort.

Her research was focused primarily on uncovering any connections between the GOP contender or Manafort and corrupt persons or activities in Ukraine or Russia. At the same time, her husband, Bruce Ohr, was serving as the No. 4 official at DoJ.

According to the emails, Nellie Ohr regularly sent “open-source intelligence” to not only her husband but also to several of his colleagues as well, including at least three DOJ prosecutors: Lisa Holtyn, Ivana Nizich and Joseph Wheatley. This “raises questions of both conflict of interest and possible false testimony,” The Hill‘s John Solomon wrote.

For instance:

July 6, 2016:  “Hi Honey, if you ever get a moment you might find the penultimate article interesting — especially the summary in the final paragraph.” (The paragraph suggested that Trump was a Putin stooge.) “If Putin wanted to concoct the ideal candidate to service his purposes, his laboratory creation would look like Donald Trump.”

This email also contained information about a Ukrainian oligarch named Rinat Akhmetov.

Red State noted:

During her testimony before Congress, she said she was researching Akhmetov “for Fusion for possible ties to Trump.” She told investigators that “Rinat Akhmetov is someone who also was associated with Manafort. Now, he’s Ukrainian, and right now, I can’t remember whether people explicitly, you know, pointed to particular organized crime activity that he’s suspected of.”

Solomon noted that “such overt political content flowing into the email accounts of a DOJ charged with the nonpartisan mission of prosecuting crimes is jarring enough.

“It raises additional questions about potential conflicts of interest when it is being injected by a spouse working as a Democratic contractor trying to defeat Trump, and she is forwarding her own research to her husband’s department and co-workers,” he added.

Solomon said that he has talked to a number of House Republicans who had reviewed the emails. They all “believe that their timing may be essential to understanding how the false Russian narrative may have gotten such credence inside DOJ and intelligence circles despite its overtly political origins,” he wrote.

On July 31, 2016, the Ohr’s met with Russia dossier author Christopher Steele. During congressional testimony, Nellie Ohr said it was at this meeting that she discovered that Steele was also working for Fusion, but that seems unlikely.

She also testified that “Steele had concerns that he hoped the DOJ or FBI would investigate, with help from her husband.”

Solomon noted further:

The next day, Bruce Ohr used his official DOJ position to go to then-Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe with Steele’s allegations (later to become known as the Steele dossier), and the bureau opened its first investigation into Russia collusion.

When asked by House lawyers during her deposition last year, Nellie Ohr testified that she did not discuss her Fusion GPS research before fall 2016 with anyone except possibly her husband (which she refused to answer, citing marital privilege) and Steele at the hotel meeting.

Bruce Ohr testified that his wife gave him a thumb drive of research to provide to the FBI during the 2016 election.

During testimony, Nellie Ohr was asked, “At any point prior to fall of 2016, did you discuss your research on organized crime and Donald Trump with individuals outside of Fusion GPS, outside of this Mayflower breakfast meeting?”

She answered “No.”

But, according to the newly released emails, she often sent “open-source research on Russian organized crime figures, Trump, Manafort and developments in Ukraine with implications for the Trump campaign.”

Notes Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton: “The memos raise serious questions of a conflict of interest hidden behind a marriage. The documents show that Nellie Ohr had extraordinary access to the Justice Department. Nellie Ohr may as well as have had a desk at DOJ.”  

Red State adds:

The bottom line is that Nellie Ohr was working on an opposition-research project for Fusion GPS, which was commissioned and funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC. She was paid to search for politically damaging information about Donald Trump and she passed this material on to her husband and other DOJ officials. And there is no way this does not represent a major conflict of interest. In addition, she allegedly lied to Congress during her October 2018 testimony.

This is the first of what we hope will be many criminal referrals to the Justice Department, where AG Barr is preparing, we believe, to clean up after Obama’s mess — not because he’s a “Trump lawyer” but because his beloved DoJ has been so perversely politicized as to have become ineffective and untrusted by tens of millions of Americans.

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