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POTUS: ‘Illegal immigration so high now due to our soaring economy, end of family separation’

By Jon Dougherty

The only bad thing about how well the U.S. economy is doing is that it is attracting people from all over the world who want “a piece of it,” POTUS Donald Trump said on Sunday.

During a phone-in interview with Fox Business‘ Maria Bartiromo, POTUS acknowledged that the numbers of illegal border crossings were indeed higher now than at any time in the recent past, but that is largely due to the booming U.S. economy he and Republican lawmakers began building shortly after he took office.

“People are pouring up because our economy is so good, I mean, unfortunately, it’s the only bad part about what we’re doing,” the president said. “Everybody wants a piece of it.”

As such, “they’re willing to come up and take the risk” and endure “tremendous danger” in the process.

As he has done in the past, the president also complained about our “bad” immigration laws, which he says serve as a magnet to be exploited by immigration activists and migrants seeking to gain access to the U.S.

“The combination of having a great economy and the weakest immigration laws anywhere in the world by far” are driving up illegal border crossings, POTUS noted. That’s especially true of “our catch-and-release” policy that requires border agents to process migrants claiming asylum and then let them go inside the country after providing them with an immigration court date years away — which most will ignore.

The president also blamed Democrats for flatly refusing to even compromise with Republicans and the White House on reforming immigration laws.

“[Democrats] go out of their way to allow these people to come in,” the president said.

Speaking of the economy, the stock market rose to new highs last week on strong earnings and other data. CNBC noted:

The S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite closed at record highs on Friday as better-than-expected economic data offset a mixed batch of corporate earnings.

The S&P 500 climbed 0.5% to 2,939.88, an all-time closing high. The tech-heavy Nasdaq ended the day up 0.3% at 8,146.40. The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 81.25 points to 26,543.33 and closed 1.5% below its all-time high.

First-quarter gross domestic product was 3.2%, the Commerce Department said on Friday, topping the consensus economist estimate of 2.5%, according to Dow Jones. An increase in exports drove the better-than-expected number.

In increase in exports means America is manufacturing again — one of the things POTUS Trump promised to boost when he ran in 2016.

And it’s not just big banks, financial institutions, and millionaires who are doing well: As the stock market increases in value, so too do individual retirement accounts for tens of millions of Americans.

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As for the increase in illegal immigration, POTUS also blamed ditching the ‘family separation policy’ that had been used — and is the law of the land — for decades by previous administrations.

“We stopped the separation, but the problem is you have ten times more people coming up with their families” because they know they’ll be able to stay together, the president said.


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3 Comments on POTUS: ‘Illegal immigration so high now due to our soaring economy, end of family separation’

  1. Utopia Is Banished Forever // April 29, 2021 at 1:26 pm // Reply

    All of these Einsteins and future Tesla comrades who will vote CPUSA aka democrat for life. Kulak deplorables are busy working and generating tax revenue to pay for their welfare checks as part of The Great Leap Forward.
    The glorious utopia awaits! Forward! To each according to his needs, workers of the world unite!

  2. A Name Goes Here // April 29, 2021 at 2:47 pm // Reply

    But what about the 100+ million who are out of work? Surely not all of them are democrat dependents who vote for a living.

  3. President Trump could close the border and stop this invasion, but he just talks a lot. We should have all of our troops at the border by now! How do any vulnerable Americans feel now about this administration? Some of those who are crossing, don’t care who they rape, murder, and Heaven knows what else. And Trump just talks about the democrats when he could be shutting the border until the wall is built. I for one as a vulnerable elderly woman am filled with anger over what is being allowed here in our ONCE great nation.

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