Coming SOON: White House to release major immigration overhaul plan the Democrats will HATE

By Jon Dougherty

The White House will release a major new immigration overhaul plan that will include a merit-based system in the coming weeks, according to administration officials who say the final touches are being put in place.

“We’re working through that process [immigration plan] I expect that to be over the next couple of weeks when that plan will be rolled out. In the meantime, we’re still calling on Congress to fix some of the immediate things that could be done,” White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said during an interview with Fox and Friends Monday morning.

“The border is completely broken. We’re seeing that more and more every single day. There is a true humanitarian crisis at the border that has to be addressed. We have children coming in record numbers, unaccompanied minors. It’s just skyrocketing. It is inhumane what is taking place and the fact that Democrats aren’t willing to work with the President to help us stop that,” she added.

The plan comes as Border Patrol and Customs and Border Protection officials and agents continue to be overrun by illegal aliens seeking ‘asylum’ along the U.S.-Mexico border.

After it’s finished, the White House will send the plan to Capitol Hill for consideration — where it will be summarily laughed at and criticized by Democrats (and, sadly, some Republicans) and die a quick death, we predict.

However, the plan will serve as a campaign platform not only for the president in 2020 but also for Republicans and even some Democrats who will be forced to address it because the vast majority of Americans will likely support it, given what’s been taking place on the border for months.

The president also weighed in on the issue over the weekend:

And while many of the president’s supporters seem to be blaming him for ‘inaction’ along the border, his Acting DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan explains that it’s the law that is preventing Trump from acting more forcefully:

The Senate Judiciary Committee, chaired by Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), is also crafting new immigration reform legislation.

Both plans can be offered to voters as alternatives to the free-for-all that is occurring now.

In reality, the president and Republicans probably hope Democrats will continue to reject sound immigration reform and border security measures ahead of the 2020 elections while focusing instead on the Russian collusion hoax and harassing the White House with baseless subpoenas and required testimony.

Most Americans — and certainly most Republicans — view immigration as a major problem and a big issue heading into next year’s elections.

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3 Comments on "Coming SOON: White House to release major immigration overhaul plan the Democrats will HATE"

  1. Snarkles the Clown | April 29, 2021 at 3:19 pm | Reply

    This dog and pony show about a wall and immigration is so entertaining.
    Better learn how to Habla as part of the Great Leap Forward comrade.
    Get to work jive ass honky because millions of leeches are depending upon you.

  2. Jared and Ivanka wrote the immigration plan and it will not be good. Increased visa workers, path to citizenship for visa holder, more immigrant white collar and a DACA. And the caravans will keep coming with Trump threatening to shut the border down “next year maybe..” At least Hillary would have made them donate to the Clinton library. Trump does it for free.

  3. It will be nice to see that someone is trying to look out for Americans…here in America. But, let’s be honest: either the Dems will scrap the plan and dictate the terms themselves…or some Obama judge who hates America as much as the Constitution will just block it…AGAIN.

    Good thing we elected Trump so that corrupt Obama judges can run the country…

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