By Jon Dougherty

There could be no better example of liberal Democrat hypocrisy than what is playing out in San Francisco, America’s center of gravity when it comes to Left-wing politics.

It seems that some tech billionaires got together and decided to virtue signal on a grand scale: They want to help the city build a massive 200-bed homeless shelter not on some blighted city block but on the city’s “renowned waterfront,” which “hosts joggers, admiring tourists and towering condos with impressive views,” The Associated Press reported.

Throw into this mix the tech boom currently underway and you have a recipe for Left-wing disaster on a scale unprecedented.

The AP notes:

Angry residents have packed public meetings, jeering at city officials and even shouting down Mayor London Breed over the proposal. They say they were blindsided and argue billionaire Twitter executive Jack Dorsey and other tech executives who support the idea should lobby city officials to build a shelter by their homes.

The waterfront uproar is among recent examples of strife in an expensive city that is both overwhelmed by tech wealth and passionate about social justice. San Francisco companies Pinterest and Lyft recently went public, and Uber and Slack are coming soon, driving fears that newly minted millionaires will snap up the few family homes left for under $2 million.

City Supervisor Sandra Lee Fewer fought tears at a testy hearing over a housing density development bill, inviting her critics to visit poor seniors in her district who eat cat food for dinner. Opponents of the bill stood and turned their backs on Supervisor Vallie Brown, who vigorously defended the legislation.

And as the city continues to grapple with a housing shortage, the entire Board of Supervisors was roasted on social media this month for rejecting a 63-unit housing project because it would cast shadows over a nearby park in an area with little green space.

“We’re definitely at the boiling point, whether it’s the housing crisis, whether it’s quality of life, which is exacerbated by the worst traffic congestion in America, or the affordability crisis,” Supervisor Aaron Peskin told the AP.

This is a problem of liberal making.

San Fran is home to 885,000 people, about 4,400 of which are homeless and sleep outside or in shelters every night. The city is home to so many homeless because Left-wing, virtue-signaling policies like, say, building a 200-bed mega-shelter in the heart of the city’s tourism sector is one of the many magnets attracting more homeless to the city.

This, while the city has been forced to publish “poop maps” showing residents and tourists were the largest amounts of human feces are piled on city streets every hour of every day, and hire “poop patrols” to clean record-high turd sightings.

Meanwhile, an average family dwelling — three bedrooms and one bath — is selling for above $1.15 million. A family of four earning about $117,000 a year is considered low income. And the city can’t build or find enough housing for paying customers, let alone building freebie shelters.

And now guys like Jack Dorsey want to put a shelter in the heart of tourist country — and in someone else’s backyard.

The situation in San Fran is just a microcosm of what’s taking place throughout California. Hardworking families and farmers outside of the state’s centers of Left-wing lunacy are at their wit’s end. Many are at a boiling point. Something’s gotta give, as they say, and eventually, it will.

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