By Jon Dougherty

Sen. Bernie Sanders is probably having some regrets Tuesday morning following a town hall-style event he did for Fox News the night before.

The event, hosted by the network’s Martha McCallum and Brett Baier, focused on a range of issues but, as expected, eventually drilled down on one of them that is the long-serving Vermont Independent’s signature: “Medicare for all” — a.k.a. socialist medicine; a.k.a. full-on, government-run healthcare.

At one point, Baier asked the in-studio audience how they felt about Sanders’ plan to get rid of all private health insurance and turn one-sixth of the U.S. economy completely over to the government. Many in the crowd roared and clapped with approval:

But McCallum and Baier also got Bernie to admit some cold, hard facts about his plan: Namely, that it isn’t going to come cheap, and that all Americans are going to have to fork over a lot more of their hard-earned money in order to pay for what will become substandard, chronically underfunded ‘care.’

And just in case you think that “the wealthy” are going to pick up the entire tab for tens of trillions in new healthcare spending:

Here are some more gems, per Fox Newsblog on the event:

— “I disagree with Donald Trump on virtually every issue, and I talk about it,” Sanders says. He adds that what “upsets him the most” is that he doesn’t think anyone in the U.S. is proud that the president “is a pathological liar.”

Yes, well, Sanders — up to now — has been “pathologically” lying about his healthcare plan.

— Health care is a “human right,” the senator says. He says there’s something “embarrassingly wrong” that the U.S. can’t guarantee health care for its citizens.

That’s his opinion. What is true is that all humans require care at some point (or many points) in their lives. What’s also true, given 230 years of our existence as evidence, is that ‘government’ is not an efficient enterprise, thus, government-run healthcare, while prohibitively expensive, is not something that’s going to be done well, either.

Also, healthcare choice is freedom; why does Sanders advocate the most anti-freedom ‘solution’ for the most vitally required need of every American?

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— “Our job is to develop an agenda that speaks to the needs of workers,” he says.

By any and all measures, POTUS Trump’s agenda is doing a bang-up job of delivering for workers: Unemployment below 4 percent; more jobs than workers; wages are increasing; and 401k and other retirement vehicles are growing. A Sanders socialist economy will reverse all of those gains.

— On the topic of “Medicare for All,” Sanders says it’s a single-payer insurance program that will allow citizens to go to whatever doctor or hospital they want, despite being out-of-network.

That’s a lie. The government will decide what services/doctors/procedures it will pay for and which ones it will not cover as it does already. The difference under a Sanders plan is that all Americans will fall under this government rationing scheme, not just those currently on Medicare. And by the way, many doctors don’t take Medicare patients (and Medicaid patients) because government reimbursement rates are far lower than the cost of providing the service. What will Bernie do about providers who don’t want to participate in his scheme — order them all to do so?

— Sanders notes that many people are under-insured, and says it’s estimated that millions of people died each year because they don’t see a doctor when they need to.

“Millions?” Bernie has thrown this massive lie out there in the past. In 2017, when POTUS Trump was trying to get Republicans to live up to their campaign promises to repeal and replace Obamacare, Sanders claimed “thousands” would die under that plan.

If people are under-insured or uninsured now, this is the fault of the Democratic Party and of politicians like Sanders who all voted for Obamacare…which was supposed to have ‘fixed’ all that was wrong with American healthcare.

Remember those promises, America? If the end-all, be-all Democratic government-imposed healthcare ‘fix’ failed miserably, why in the world would we want to repeat the mistake?

— Millions of people lose their health insurance each year when they lose or quit their jobs, Sanders says.

Another throwaway line. Sanders should be made to provide statistics for wild claims like these. The fact is, the vast majority of Americans are covered under employer plans; “Medicare for all” would take those plans away.

— Health care will be free “at the point you use it,” Sanders says.

Healthcare is never free; Sanders just admitted that (see above).

— Sanders says that members of Congress will be included in his health care plan.

Right. Like they were supposed to be included in Obamacare — until Obama gave them all waivers.

— Sanders says that people will pay more in taxes, but the “overwhelming majority” of people will pay less for health care because they will not be paying for deductibles or co-pays.

So, Americans will be paying far more in taxes just to pay less for co-pays and deductibles? How is this a ‘win?’ Sanders is playing ‘hide the healthcare costs’ with this claim.

Other issues:

— We want to hear from ordinary people from Iowa or Pennsylvania, not political insiders, Sanders says, noting they should select the next president.

Sanders has been in Washington, D.C., for decades. If he’s not a consummate ‘insider,’ there is no such thing.

— American workers shouldn’t have to compete against others around the world, Sanders says.

Why not? Competition breeds efficiency, innovation, better products, profits, jobs, and growth. American workers have been competing with others around the world since the birth of our nation…and winning.

— He says that “there has been a steady decline” for years before Trump took office. He says the “entire global economy” is bouncing back after the collapse of Wall Street. “Certainly not,” Sanders says, when asked whether it has to do with Trump.

Another out-and-out lie. The economy of now is directly related to President Trump’s pro-growth policies and the GOP tax cuts. Obama’s economy was moribund; the moment Trump won the 2016 election, Wall Street began its historic rise, leading to massive increases in wealth for American retirement accounts, businesses, and our corporations; job growth skyrocketed; personal incomes have risen.

None of that happened on Obama’s watch.

— Sanders: We’re looking to raise taxes on the wealthiest people in this country and on large corporations, not small businesses.

This is the textbook socialist example of ‘How to destroy a wealthy country in one easy step.’

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