By Jon Dougherty

Monday is “tax day,” as many of you know, and it’s the perfect opportunity to remind readers just how dishonest the so-called “mainstream media really is.

If you read anything much about tax season before today, it was probably negative: More Americans paying more in taxes, not less; fewer Americans getting tax refunds; the bulk of cuts have gone to ‘wealthy corporations’ instead; etc.

But as usual, the Left-wing Trump hate media is being so disingenuous about the tax cut and reform law passed by the president and Republicans that even The New York Times has had to admit it’s gone too far.

As Tyler O’Neil at PJ Media notes:

The benefits of the Trump tax cuts have been powerful and broad. A whopping 82 percent of middle-class Americans saw a tax cut last year, with an average savings of more than $1,260. A full 90 percent of workers saw an increase in pay after the IRS adjusted withholding tables to reflect the new law. Last year, wages grew an average of 3.3 percent, the best in a decade.

The Republican tax cuts accelerated job growth by nearly 25 percent and opportunity zones led investors to put their money into distressed communities. Finally, the Trump tax cuts doubled the child tax credit, saving working families an estimated $100 billion.

These aren’t just Republican talking points. The Tax Policy Center estimated that 82 percent of middle-income Americans will receive a tax cut for an average reduction of individual income taxes of $1,260 in 2018, increasing after-tax incomes by 1.7 percent. Lower-middle-class households saw the largest tax cut as a percentage of their income, The Wall Street Journal reported.

The new withholding tables lower the amount of money employers withhold from workers’ paychecks, according to USA Today. According to the Treasury Department, 90 percent of Americans saw an increase in their take-home pay. The Bureau Of Labor Statistics reported a 3.3 percent average wage increase.

Overall, the economic picture in America is fantastic, and much of that is due to those Trump/GOP tax cuts. The president’s efforts to reduce red tape, bureaucratic inefficiency, and regulations have also contributed mightily.

But if all you read was the ‘mainstream’ media, you’d think that the vast majority of Americans were paying more in taxes, not less and that savings, higher earnings, and all of the other economic benefits were just a lie.

In fact, as we reported earlier this month. A story on Sunday by CBS News is typical. Under the headline, “Tax refunds so far this year are down by $6 billion from 2018” leaves readers with the specific implication that the Trump tax cuts were fraudulent and not the money saver they were said to be.

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The network noted:

Individual tax refunds this year have been only slightly smaller than last year, but those shortfalls are adding up. At the end of last month, the amount of money the government refunded was $6 billion below this time last year, according to IRS figures.

As of March 29, the Treasury had issued 71.8 million refunds. This time a year ago it had issued 73.4 million. So while the average refund, at $2,873, is only $20 less than it was last year, about 1.6 million fewer people are getting refunds, the IRS said.

Then came the tie-in with the ‘negative impact’ on the economy as a whole, or so we are led to believe:

That shrinking pot of money is showing up in surprising ways, including through lower retail sales. Many families use refunds as a forced saving mechanism, as their IRS refund is often [the] largest single check they receive all year. In the weeks after receiving a refund, families tend to splurge on large purchases such as furniture or appliances; credit-card payments and travel, a JPMorgan Chase study found.

But then, buried several paragraphs into the story was this revelation:

Lower refunds don’t mean Americans paid more taxes—quite the opposite. Most workers paid less in taxes last year and saw higher take-home pay week in and week out. But for many Americans, a slightly higher paycheck doesn’t quite have the same visibility as a single $3,000 check in March or April.

The Trump administration and Republicans promised that most Americans would pay less in taxes — not receive bigger refunds — and that is precisely what’s happening. And never forget that not a single Democrat voted in favor of the tax reform law.

Thanks to this kind of biased reporting, the media has succeeded in convincing the vast majority of Americans that the tax cuts were minuscule at best, and not at all designed to help average earners. That’s why just 17 percent of Americans believe their taxes were cut, according to a Wall Street Journal poll from earlier this month.

But again, that’s simply not the case, as the NY Times reported.

“Ever since President Trump signed the Republican-sponsored tax bill in December 2017, independent analyses have consistently found that a large majority of Americans would owe less because of the law. Preliminary data based on tax filings has shown the same,” Ben Casselman and Jim Tankersley reported at The New York Times.

“Yet as the first tax filing season under the new law wraps up on Monday, taxpayers are skeptical. A survey conducted in early April for The New York Times by the online research platform SurveyMonkey found that just 40 percent of Americans believed they had received a tax cut under the law. Just 20 percent were certain they had done so,” the paper noted.

“That’s consistent with previous polls finding that most Americans felt they hadn’t gotten a tax cut, and that a large minority thought their taxes had risen — though not even one in 10 households actually got a tax increase,” the Times continued.


“To a large degree, the gap between perception and reality on the tax cuts appears to flow from a sustained — and misleading — effort by liberal opponents of the law to brand it as a broad middle-class tax increase,” noted the Times.

Democrats have been pushing a sustained public misinformation campaign since the law was enacted, branding the tax cuts a “GOP Tax Scam.”

Matthew Yglesias, a Left-wing writer for The American Prospect, The Atlantic, Slate, and a co-founder and editor at Vox, has even bragged publicly about enabling this misinformation campaign.

“Nobody likes to give themselves credit for this kind of messaging success, but progressive groups did a really good job of convincing people that Trump raised their taxes when the facts say a clear majority got a tax cut,” Yglesias tweeted.

This is what it’s come to with the Left-wing media: They so despise their political opponents they can’t even report honestly when Americans get to keep more of their own money.

Never forget that while we must ‘render unto Caesar’ what is his, thanks to tax laws, our wages are like every other thing we own: They are our property, first and foremost. There is nothing ‘unpatriotic’ about wanting to keep more of what we earn. If there is a ‘patriot’ problem it’s with those who are spending our children and grandchildren into oblivion.

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