By Jon Dougherty

The Washington “establishment” media is so wrong so often about POTUS Donald Trump and his administration it would take nearly all of our time to document the fake news generated about this administration on a weekly basis.

As such, because our staff resources are limited, we have to take the most egregious examples of the Left-wing media’s fake news bias.

The award this week goes to Politico, which rarely passes on an opportunity to bash POTUS Trump, lie about his record, or just plain make stuff up as they go along.

The ‘news’ site published a report this week claiming that the president seemed “uninterested” in the history of Mount Vernon, which is George Washington’s estate, during a tour last year with French President Emmanuel Macron. And, as usual, the ‘source’ is someone, allegedly, far removed from the actual event (emphasis added):

During a guided tour of Mount Vernon last April with French president Emmanuel Macron, Trump learned that Washington was one of the major real-estate speculators of his era. So, he couldn’t understand why America’s first president didn’t name his historic Virginia compound or any of the other property he acquired after himself.

“If he was smart, he would’ve put his name on it,” Trump said, according to three sources briefed on the exchange. “You’ve got to put your name on stuff or no one remembers you.” 


Trump’s lack of interest in presidential history, said the historian Jon Meacham, means that he has “basically thrown out the one data set available to him. We don’t have anything else to study. It’s all you got.” It also stands in contrast to the fascination of other presidents with their predecessors. Even former President George W. Bush — not known as a tweedy intellectual — consumed several presidential biographies while in office.


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The president’s disinterest in Washington made it tough for tour guide Bradburn to sustain Trump’s interest during a deluxe 45-minute tour of the property which he later described to associates as “truly bizarre.” The Macrons, Bradburn has told several people, were far more knowledgeable about the history of the property than the president.

A former history professor with a Ph.D., Bradburn “was desperately trying to get [Trump] interested in” Washington’s house, said a source familiar with the visit, so he spoke in terms Trump understands best — telling the president that Washington was an 18th century real-estate titan who had acquired property throughout Virginia and what would come to be known as Washington, D.C.

Trump asked whether Washington was “really rich,” according to a second person familiar with the visit. In fact, Washington was either the wealthiest or among the wealthiest Americans of his time, thanks largely to his mini real estate empire.

“That is what Trump was really the most excited about,” this person said.

None of this is accurate, according to officials at Mount Vernon. The historical center issued this statement in response (emphasis added:

Mount Vernon has a firm, long-standing policy of not commenting on the details of high-profile visits to the home of George Washington. However, we believe in the importance of ensuring that reports about events that take place at Mount Vernon are accurate. As such, we are concerned that the third-party accounts of the Trump-Macron visit released by several media outlets today do not correctly reflect the events that transpired nearly a year ago.

Mount Vernon President Doug Bradburn and Regent Sarah Coulson escorted the presidents and first ladies on a tour of the Mansion on April 23, 2018.  During the tour, all parties were interested and engaged in the story of George Washington and his beloved home.  Conversations touched on topics like business dealings, real estate, and related matters that were of relevance and interest to the touring parties, and questions were asked by both leaders with curiosity and respect. Comments pulled from sources who were not present for the tour do not properly convey the tone and context in which they were delivered. 

For more than 200 years, Mount Vernon has welcomed heads of state and world leaders, offering them a place to find inspiration in Washington’s example of servant leadership.  The Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association is proud to have carried on that tradition of diplomacy during last year’s state visit, and we look forward to welcoming similar delegations for generations to come.

In other words, Politico‘s source/sources was/were garbage. But what else is new? Looks like the news site should join the long list of other Washington establishment media and file with Federal Election Commission for constantly providing ‘in-kind contributions’ to the eventual 2020 Democratic nominee.

What’s truly bizarre, however, is that the editorial staff at Politico actually thought this was a “story” to begin with and assigned a reporter to it, spending time and resources to produce it.

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