It’s true: Leaks of classified information reach a record HIGH under POTUS Trump

By Jon Dougherty

We know — color you surprised — but according to a newly released study, leaks of classified information have surpassed all previous records under POTUS Donald Trump.

That said, it certainly isn’t a reflection of the commander-in-chief as much as it’s a reflection of just how reviled he is by the Washington bureaucracy and the Deep State.

According to the Washington Free Beacon:

Illegal leaks of classified information have reportedly reached “record high levels” during the Trump administration, according to a nonprofit group citing DOJ stats.

“Agencies transmitted 120 leak referrals to the Justice Department in 2017, and 88 leak referrals in 2018, for an average of 104 per year,” the Federation of American Scientists reported, citing numbers issued by the Justice Department.

“By comparison, the average number of leak referrals during the Obama Administration (20092016) was 39 per year.”

Trump administration officials have tried to tamp down leaks but despite whatever efforts have been attempted by his Cabinet officials, the anti-Trump bureaucracy has continued to leak like it was their jobs.

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“It has continued,” FAS noted in its newsletter. “Despite preventive efforts, the 2018 total of 88 leak referrals was still higher than any reported pre-Trump figure. (The previous high in recent decades had been 55 referrals in 2013 and in 2007. The lowest was 18 in 2015.).”

“The newly released aggregate data on classified leak referrals serve as a reminder that leaks of classified information are a ‘normal,’ predictable occurrence,” FAS reported. “There is not a single year in the past decade and a half for which data are available when there were no such criminal referrals.”

Some of the reasons why leaks fell under the Obama regime include:

— He was adored by the Leftist bureaucracy

— His was one of the least transparent administrations in history

— His Justice Department used the Espionage Act more than any previous administration to go after leakers and the media sources involved

Granted, many of the “leaks” have involved intentionally false information aimed at undermining the president, which the “mainstream” media dutifully published anyway, time and again, without corroboration or verification (hence the president’s creation of the term “fake news”).

But leaks of any kind that involve legitimate data and information are damaging to the government and harm the security of all citizens, even those who don’t care much for the president.

We’ve said in the past that if this were 1944 and some of the same Deep State characters were alive then, if they hated FDR as much as they hate Trump they would have leaked the plans for the D-Day invasion, just to see POTUS fail.

If there is any good news, it may be that as POTUS’ tenure builds, he’ll hopefully get more of his own people in positions of authority who will be able to tamp down leaks by identifying who is doing the leaking and letting the law handle them.

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4 Comments on "It’s true: Leaks of classified information reach a record HIGH under POTUS Trump"

  1. william chandler | April 8, 2021 at 4:59 pm | Reply

    Good … I am so fed up with that P.O.S. tRUMP spends all OUR money and time on Israel as the reports say 500,000 illegals will pour in during the 2nd quarter.
    As for you “Bikers For Trump” … why are you “riding ” with a PUNK? tRump starts fights and then runs away. tRump has folded on every single promise. Hillary, the Border, Bringing the Troops home, Balancing the budget, the Tax Disaster, Tarriffs. Swamp? NOT DRAINED — Trump hired the Swamp . It is not one or two things ….. it is ALL his promises.
    If you find yourself inside “Sons of Anarchy” and a club member consistently fails to do as promised… while at the same time giving another club (Shitbirds of Israel) all of the Club’s assets, weapons, money, TURF, and power, you will eventually figure out He is a SNITCH and a RAT. tRump is letting Club Members “take the FALL” for him. tRump does not do/say a THING when ANTIFA attacks Club Members “wearing their COLORS”
    tRump claims Mexico closed border, Mexico says NO, we did NOT …. SAD
    There is a myth that Trump is a “loyal” person. Loyal to WHOM !!?? Find ANYONE who Trump has NOT betrayed? Trump betrays/cheats on his wife(s) Trump betrays his Creditors everytime he declares another bankruptcy . Trump betrays employees constantly by backstabbing and cowardly “tweet firings” …… Trump betrays his God by groveling to Israel … Trump betrays his “base” through his actions.
    Trump’s idiot daughter marries into a scummy Jewish crime family and Betrays Jesus by converting just another Judas Iscariot, so much for the “famous Trump “loyalty”….

    • Real Fact Matter | April 8, 2021 at 11:04 pm | Reply

      Insane troll alert. Lying sucker has nothing better to do than post endless diatribes and lies for fun.. Get a job loser.

      Not one word of what you posted is truthful….Not one.

  2. Real Fact Matter | April 8, 2021 at 11:05 pm | Reply

    And you see that it’s leftist doing the leaking. They know no bounds for the illegal behavior they will commit in order to destroy America.

  3. And since nearly 100% of the leaks have been against Trump and his administration it does not take a high school diploma to figure out in which party the leakers are registered.

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