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Tucker Carlson: Mexico has become a ‘hostile power’ that the U.S. must deal with (Video)

By Jon Dougherty

On his Friday program, Fox News host Tucker Carlson labeled Mexico a “hostile power” during a tense interview with a guest because the country is either exacerbating the illegal immigrant crush at the U.S. border or is doing nothing to stop it.

Carlson, in an interview with Juan Hernandez, secretary of migrant and foreign affairs for the Mexican state of Guanajuato, said it was hypocritical for his government to resist any move by the United States to close its southwestern border to stop illegal immigration because Mexico’s laws forbid Central American illegal migrants from remaining in the country for long.

As the debate began, Hernandez used a typical Left-wing talking point to argue that most migrants are really just “good people” who are “looking for a better life” — rather than, you know, remaining in their own countries and changing political and social conditions there.

“Why not let them stay forever? But remain Guatemalan and Hondurans … Why would that be bad? Why are you kicking them out after a year?” Carlson noted.

As the interview progressed, Carlson took on an increasingly frustrated tone regarding Hernandez’s claims about Mexico’s enforcement policies towards illegal immigrants. He also cited a 15-year-old comment from his guest that Mexican citizens living in their own country, as well as those living illegally in the U.S., represent a “united nation.”

He also grew frustrated that Hernandez wouldn’t directly answer why his country kicked Central American migrants out after a year if they were ‘mostly good people.

And that’s when Carlson let him have it.

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“Mexico is a hostile power that is seeking to undermine our country and sovereignty,” Carlson said.

Hernandez countered that his country deports more Central American migrants than does the U.S., which again prompted Carlson to inquire that if they were such good folk, why kick them out at all?

Eventually, Carlson got fed up and cut the interview short.

“It’s nauseating, you’re not doing the right thing, now I’m getting mad, I’m going to stop this,” Carlson said.


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8 Comments on Tucker Carlson: Mexico has become a ‘hostile power’ that the U.S. must deal with (Video)

  1. Mexico negotiated with Nazi Germany to let the Germans have bases there during WWII… Mexico has ALWAYS been an enemy of the United States.

  2. We should have kept the land we took from them during the mexican/American war.

  3. Of course Mexico is quite literally and figuratively our closest enemy nation and has been for almost our entire history. NAFTA’s entire purpose was to siphon off America’s middle class wealth to prime the pump for the new world order’s globalists new paradigm. NAFTA was brought about by America’s own corporate leaders to weaken and eventually destroy America. Mexico was and is only too happy to partake. Tucker got frustrated, really?

  4. The Mexican government has been exporting it’s indigenous permanent underclass north for several generations. 20 million + and counting to date. Meanwhile, the ethnically Castillian Spanish descendants of Cortez and those who followed him…. that make up the ruling elite class of Mexico (like Mr. Hernandez in the video), keep blowing sunshine up our collective skirt and tell us that we need to be more sensitive. Carlson is right…. remittances from the US amount to nearly 3% of Mexico’s GDP. While curtailing that wouldn’t crash their economy, the ripple effect would almost certainly, over time, become very much felt. They need remittances, hence they send more of their working poor north.

  5. V.Lombardi // April 7, 2021 at 4:22 am // Reply

    Yes Mexico has been hostile to the US forever and only a self-destructive nation would allow such a backwards and corrupt nation to take advantage of it. Tucker is a skilled debater though I wonder why he has globalist agents of Mexico as guests without declaring them.

  6. Boy, just how many people NEED to make America collapse so that globalism can take place ? Our enemies are all around us. Led by BORG money, the question is, CAN AMERICA SURVIVE ? The wasps are constantly stinging. Globalism cannot succeed unless America FALLS. Are we gonna let this happen, boys ? ARE WE ??

  7. Christopher A Wright // April 7, 2021 at 10:50 am // Reply

    After the big ugly many of us will insist the mudhens go home. ALL of them. They can’t hide,they t brown,yellow and black. They don’t belong here,they were brought here by evil people. And it will take a touch of evil to spend their families. I vote for murder.b

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