By Jon Dougherty

The Democratic Left is heading into the 2020 election cycle with the same cluelessness regarding POTUS Donald Trump and his supporters as they had during his history-making 2016 election.

Then as now, they are trying to peel away his base by essentially insulting his base — and anyone else even remotely considering voting for him next year.

As the Trump campaign switches from “Make American Great Again” to “Keep America Great,” Democrats and their allies in the “mainstream” media and Marxist, Soros-funded groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center are attempting to paint all of the president’s white supporters as “white supremacists” by re-labeling them as “white nationalists.”

Only, what happens when the president’s supporters aren’t white? And polling data indicate that, increasingly, that is the case.

In any event, check out our latest “explainer” video on the president’s “Nationalism” — what it is, and, importantly, what it isn’t.


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