Trump is RIGHT: Mexican president’s pro-immigrant policies ARE driving U.S. invasion

By Jon Dougherty

The reactions of the “mainstream” media and its Left-wing pundit class to everything POTUS Donald Trump says about the burgeoning crisis along the U.S.-Mexico border are cliche at this point: Ridicule, criticism, and doubt.

And yet, their dismissiveness flies in the face of the president’s record of truthfulness and honesty regarding the situation along our southwestern border. He’s been spot-on time and time again, and that alone ought to preclude such cliched responses by now.

But alas, we’ll let the establishment press defend the indefensible when it comes to opposing practically every policy the president proposes while refuting every fact he relates regarding the border crisis.

Like the fact that Mexico is, in large part, responsible for the crush of migrants our country is currently dealing with.

As usual, POTUS was attacked for his stance, with the usual lame media suspects blaming him and his policies for the crisis at the border that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) says doesn’t exist.

Either these media hacks don’t realize that Trump actually does get intelligence and foreign policy briefs from his Cabinet and staff, or they do and they don’t care because their primary objective is #resist #resist #resist, even to the point of losing all remaining credibility in their news organizations.

The president is correct to blame Mexico, as evidenced by — amazingly — a New York Times story published on Monday.

The paper noted that Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is, on one hand, assisting the United States in some ways with the masses of migrants who have invaded our southern neighbor as well. But in many other ways, AMLO, as he is known, is also responsible for the migrant invasion:

The backup of migrants in Mexico has been commonly blamed on restrictions the Trump administration has imposed on the American asylum process. But this crisis appears to be also, in part, of the Mexican president’s making.

According to migrants, local officials and migration scholars, this increase in northward migration has been partly spurred by the policies of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador of Mexico, who had campaigned as a defender of the poor and the downtrodden, and took office in December. 

During his tenure, he has sought to strike a contrast with his predecessors by presenting a kinder, gentler face toward migrants. Deportations have plummeted under his watch, and his administration has sought to incorporate more migrants into Mexican society by being more generous with humanitarian visas and work permits. …

While President López Obrador has chosen, in some ways, to help the United States carry out its immigration agenda, he has also sent a message to potential migrants that they are now more welcome than ever in Mexico.

In the first three months of the López Obrador administration, there were 44 percent fewer deportations than during the last three months of President Enrique Peña Nieto’s administration.

This comes as the U.S. Border Patrol and customs officials apprehended — apprehended — some 100,000 illegal immigrants in March alone. And who knows how many slipped through.

“The security and humanitarian crisis at our southern border is getting worse every day,” Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen tweeted last week.

“[POTUS] and I have been warning Congress that failure to fix our immigration laws would be catastrophic…now here we are, in the middle of a catastrophe,” Nielsen tweeted Sunday, Fox News reported. “This is not the time to be partisan. Now is the time to act decisively to address the crisis.

Children, in fact, are dying along the U.S.-Mexico border, not because of “Trump’s policies” but because of, in part, Mexico’s policies — and the decisions by parents to trek north thousands of miles with their kids in tow.

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No one should accept the Left’s premise that were it not for President Trump we wouldn’t have this ‘border crisis.’ We have a right to not only pass immigration laws but to enforce them as well. Having an established international border is what makes a country a country.

And as the president has correctly pointed out, our southern neighbor is largely responsible for our mess.

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3 Comments on "Trump is RIGHT: Mexican president’s pro-immigrant policies ARE driving U.S. invasion"

  1. As a “Hispanic” American from Texas and a 5th generation American. I can assure you, Mexicans have been told their whole lives, the US territory is theirs and to invade it. It is not their land, perhaps they held it by default for about 25 years but it was never theirs. I’ve had to live with the stigma of being called a Mexican (which is not a compliment I can assure you) since the Obama era more so than any other time AND I have never seen so many Mexicans and other Latinos running around in the US ever! We have forever changed our landscape in this country. Which equals to NO BUENO!!

  2. william chandler | April 2, 2021 at 3:45 pm | Reply

    It is an Act of War to allow Invaders to cross your country unchallenged in order to Invade another country.

  3. This is all a BORG orchestration from the getgo. See the true instigators. Get rid of THEM, and all this BULL goes away.

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