Lunatic Swalwell doubles down: Trump is a ‘Russian agent’ working for MOSCOW!

By Jon Dougherty

Remember when it was all the rage among Democrats and their propagandist enablers in the mainstream media to question POTUS Donald Trump’s mental fitness for office? We do. In fact, there are times even now when the subject comes up.

But honestly, if anyone should be questioned about their ability to deal with reality, it’s Democrats. Since Robert Mueller established that the “Russian collusion hoax” was indeed a hoax, several Donkey Party members simply can’t let go of the fabrication.

One of them is Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.), whom Fox News‘ Tucker Carlson calls “the original Russian collusion truther.”

Because no one has yet to conclusively disprove all of the allegations contained in discredited former British spy Christopher Steele’s “Russia dossier,” then that means there is still a possibility that some of it is real. Yes, in Eric Swalwell’s pinheaded world, the American legal standard of innocent until proven guilty does not apply to POTUS Trump.

In an interview with the equally unhinged collusion truther Chris Matthews of MSNBC, Swalwell said all the evidence points to the president being a “Russian agent” and that he has not seen “a single piece of evidence that he’s not” a Russian agent.

He further argued that POTUS Trump is the only who’s lied throughout this entire hoax — forgetting to include Robert Mueller, apparently, who just cleared the president of what Swalwell is still accusing him of.

“To the president I say, the only person who has been caught lying about Russia is the president. He said that he’d had no business dealings with Russia. We have now learned that he had dealings going all the way up to and beyond the primary,” Swalwell claimed.

But being coy about business dealings that never came to fruition — while still a businessman — does not rise to the level of a crime. Lying to Congress like Steele, Glenn Simpson, and Andrew McCabe are accused of doing, however, is a different story.

And Swalwell has it backward. The president has been accused of being a Russian agent; it’s up to his accusers to prove their allegations. It doesn’t fall on the president to disprove them.

Again, though, Mueller has already done that. And right up until the moment he released his report crazy Democrats like Swalwell were singing his praises as the most ethical guy in D.C.

“I saw evidence and the country has seen evidence of collusion. Bob Mueller has said that he can’t prove it beyond a reasonable doubt, which I accept, but it doesn’t mean there wasn’t collusion,” Swalwell argued.

When Mueller says “there was no collusion,” isn’t that what he meant?

And what evidence? Where is it? Why didn’t Mueller lay it out? Do we get a tin foil hat with this never-ending conspiracy?

Democrats like Swalwell come from safe little districts full of equally unhinged voters who, beyond all reason, continue to believe the unbelievable. So he’ll be reelected to Congress for as long as he wants to serve.

But to use his own “logic,” serving in the House doesn’t mean he should be serving in the House. And up is down, down is up, and Russian collusion doesn’t need proof when the accusation is heaved at POTUS Donald Trump.

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18 Comments on "Lunatic Swalwell doubles down: Trump is a ‘Russian agent’ working for MOSCOW!"

  1. Swawell is a Trump-hating, Trump-fearing leftist Deep State agent colluding with Democrat and RINO subversives to destroy America and usher in the New World Order’s evil, socialist global dictatorship. Trump is working to stop them and expose and punish their corruption and treasonous crimes, and that’s why they despise him. Trump 2020!

  2. There is a method to their madness. It’s called : ‘Obstruct Trump 24/7/365 ‘
    They’re trying to wear us down so just laugh at them. Stupid people will swallow their garbage but we know better.
    Take Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals and turn their tactics on them. MAGA

  3. Please arrest the conspirators of the coup. Until then America can not heal./..

  4. I saw the interview last night. He reminded me of an interview with Charles Manson long ago at his craziest. Someone should show these side by side to see the similarities in the crazy eyes as he both challenge the interviewers. Scary!

  5. We don’t need liars like Swalwell to continue telling lies about our president. At this point, If I were President Trump, I’d file charges against him and whoever else wants to run on lies to hurt our duly elected president.

  6. Its just a matter of time before he gets eaten alive by all the illegal alien Mexicans who he thinks love him. They are simply using him until they can declare they control Mexifornia. As they say in Spanish he is a “pendejo” or in English he is an idiot!

  7. Swalwell, Schiff, Waters and the other radical DemocRats are acting like modern day Joe McCarthy’s.May they all end up as Sen. McCarthy did…. in an insane asylum.

  8. When you elect the mentally limited like Swalwell, Schiff, Pelosi, Waters, Feinstein and the rest of the California crowd you just expect the stupidity to grow daily, the nations IQ is dropping just from hearing the laughable comments of the west coast comedy team.
    They have not gotten the orders from Mr. Soros on what the next scam they need to praise.

  9. They are going to stay crazy and I’m fine with that, I’m used to them now. They are just like the loons screaming in the park as the drugs take effect.

  10. Idiots don’t deserve media coverage.

  11. Swalwell is in it for the bux. No one makes a fool of himself and sells his soul to the enemy unless there’s a massive payout for the service. Follow the shekels !

    • They want the Mueller Report published.
      OK. Give it to them. It won’t do any good. They’ll just claim incriminating info was omitted. The Democrats and Media have 2 years worth of work invested in promoting this hoax. They will ride this horse till it bucks them off.
      We hope Barr’s DOJ will go after the real criminals like a pack of pit bulls. It’s the right thing to do. Anarchy cannot be the new norm. It would be bad if Trump let these crooks slip away into the shadows. It would be a great deterrent. It gives the next batch of subversive marxists something to ponder. MAGA

  12. swalwell needs to be involuntarily committed to an institution for a sever mental evaluation and a drug test!
    In fact, I’d recommend that the majority of the democrats ALONG WITH A FEW RINO’s be tested for mental issues and drug screening

  13. After the fruitless, Mueller investigation ended, the Left lost its foundation. They are now running in every direction and screaming anti-Trump rhetoric. They are trying to remain relevant in a world where no one is listening to them anymore.

  14. Smallwell needs to have every inch of his life, past and present back to birth, investigated and put on display for the whole country to see. I don’t think he is crazy but do think he is a very dangerous foreign agent. Let him prove he is not after a Steele like dossier is made of his life.

  15. Doug DeMille | March 27, 2021 at 4:29 pm | Reply

    I believe Swalwell is a Russian agent. Now he has to disprove it.

  16. Swallowwell is mentally ill. This freak needs help, counseling and meds. Get a grip or go away!

  17. These are some hateful azzwipes. They MUST be delt with, SOON.

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