By Jon Dougherty

For years now we’ve been told by Democrats that any day now, special counsel Robert Mueller was going to lower the boom on POTUS Donald Trump, charge him, his family, and his entire 2016 campaign for “colluding with Russia.”

Mueller’s a man of integrity, you see, with an impeccable reputation for honesty and forthrightness; he’ll deliver the goods on this fiend Trump!

Only, Mueller didn’t have any goods to deliver because as we’ve documented time and again, the collusion narrative was a hoax — a fabrication devised by the Obama administration and the Deep State to trip up Trump and hamstring his administration after he beat the pantsuit off of the most criminally investigated presidential nominee ever, Hillary Clinton.

But as we suspected, it didn’t matter than Mueller ‘didn’t find’ what wasn’t there to begin with, as we discovered Saturday when Attorney General William Barr delivered the summary conclusion to Congress that “no collusion” was found.

Democrats have fed this garbage narrative to their increasingly angry voting base for so long they can’t turn back now. So now, suddenly, Mueller’s no longer that guy of integrity with an impeccable reputation; now he’s a dupe of the Deep State as well — and Fox News — after making “official” what we’ve known for years.

During an appearance on CNN Saturday, House Judiciary Committee chair Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.), claimed that there is evidence of “collusion,” adding he’s not sure why Mueller said otherwise.

In an interview with Dana Bash, the host asked Nadler if he was willing to accept Mueller’s conclusions.

“No member of the Trump campaign was charged with conspiring with the Russian government to influence the election,” Bash said. “Do you accept that no member of the Trump team engaged in that kind of criminal conspiracy with Russia?”

Firstly, Nadler said he doesn’t know because “we don’t know what indictments are forthcoming from other investigations.” He referenced the Southern District of New York, as Democrats have all weekend, and it’s various investigations into all things Trump.

Nadler then said that “obviously” everyone already knows “there was some collusion.”

“We know the president’s son and campaign manager were involved in a meeting with the Russians to receive stolen — what they thought was to receive stolen information — information stolen by the Russians from the Democratic National Committee as part of the Russian government’s attempt to help Trump in the election,” he said.

“That’s the way the e-mail inviting them to the meeting put it.”

“We know there’s been collusion. Why there’s been no indictments, we don’t know,” said Nadler.

Yes, we all know this. Democrats have been harping about the “Trump Tower” meeting for two years.

Robert Mueller knows about it too. All about it. And yet…”no collusion.”

During an appearance on the same program, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) laid bare Democrats’ real plan.

“They fully intend to impeach the president and they don’t care about the basis,” he said.

Get ready for Russian Collusion 2.0: The 2020 Presidential Election version. The conspiracy continues.

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