By Jon Dougherty

We have some clever folks in the independent media, to say the least. One of the more entertaining headlines I read this morning on the conclusion of special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into “Russian collusion” between Team Trump and Moscow was by David Blackmon at DBDailyUpdate that read, “The Witch Hunt is Dead! Long Live the Witch Hunt!

That’s pure gold.

Of course, Blackmon is referring to Democrats’ vow to continue the witch hunt, because what choice do they have? After two years of nothing but prosecutions for ancillary crimes unrelated to Mueller’s initial mandate plus the indictment of a bunch of Russians who will never see an American courtroom, his investigation has been exposed for what it always was: A political operation aimed at deposing a duly elected, sitting president.

So the Democrats will continue to pursue that objective — which should tell you that the Donkey Party must be mighty fearful that none of their party’s legion of candidates can knock off the Trumpster in 2020.

But beyond that, let’s take a look at what Mueller didn’t find, but that Americans were informed over and over again that he would find, thanks to a dishonest “mainstream” media that has been in on the coup conspiracy from the beginning:

— There was never any evidence unearthed to “prove” Mueller’s initial mandate, which was “collusion” with Russia to “steal the election” from Hillary Clinton. In fact, we know now, officially, what we’ve known for two years: That was a hoax, a narrative to form the basis for the witch hunt.

— Throughout last year the media heavily speculated that Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, and various other people close to the president would be indicted; they were not.

— Mueller never subpoenaed POTUS Trump, though we were treated to a constant diet of hysterical media speculation that it was coming, man…it’s coming! Not.

— There was also heavy speculation that the president had had enough of Mueller’s BS and he was going to send him packing! That didn’t happen, either. In fact, this president has been more accommodating to the special counsel that, say, Obama would have been — though if any president in recent history deserved to be probed by a special counsel, it was him (Fast and Furious, IRS scandal, Benghazi, etc.) Or impeached for changing federal immigration law with the stroke of a pen (DACA).

— POTUS never did interfere with Mueller’s probe, either, and of course, the establishment press told us time and again the ‘Tyrant Trump’ was going to do just that. Attorney General William Barr served notice to Congress that “no such instances” occurred, The Washington Examiner‘s Byron York noted.

So now what? Who will Democrats subpoena next in their never-ending campaign to fire up their increasingly unhinged base of voters ahead of the 2020 elections? Robert Mueller himself? Surely not!

But then

Millions of dollars wasted. Lives ruined, perhaps forever. Fortunes squandered in legal defense fees. A country divided. A political party so filled with vengeance and hate over losing an election they would rather see blood in the streets and American cities burning than allow the winner to govern.

And still, Democrats haven’t had enough. They haven’t spread enough dissent, hate, violence, and ruin.

The Trump administration will deal with whatever is in the Mueller report, as will his supporters. The fact is, all Americans should reject it because it is flawed — because Mueller’s appointment was flawed from the outset. But not all will; a faction of Americans, probably a large plurality, will believe whatever spin Left-wing media put on the report to indicate though Mueller didn’t bring charges, that doesn’t mean Trump ‘didn’t do it.’

And of course, that lie will be fueled by Democrats who control House oversight committees.

But the good news is, now that the Mueller witch hunt is over, the president can deal with Democratic demands for information in the same way Obama did when Republicans were in charge.

Long live the witch hunt!

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