By Jon Dougherty

Unencumbered by a conscience, Democrats in Congress and throughout the country who continue to aid and abet illegal immigration with “sanctuary” policies once again have blood on their hands following the shooting death of a Washington sheriff’s deputy.

According to local reports, Kittitas County Deputy Ryan Thompson, 42, was killed by Juan Manuel Flores Del Toro, 29, after a traffic stop involving a “road rage” incident earlier this week.

KIRO notes:

Authorities said the incident started when deputies were called to a report of a road rage incident in which the suspect was driving erratically in regards to another vehicle in the Badger Pocket area of Kittitas County. The party in the other vehicle called police.

At about 7:45 p.m., deputies tried to stop the vehicle involved but the driver failed to stop. 

Deputies chased the suspect into the city of Kittitas. Investigators said when the vehicle stopped, the suspect got out and exchanged gunfire with deputy Thompson and a Kittitas police officer. 

The deputy was shot and died from injuries at Kittitas Valley Hospital.  

Another officer,  Benito Chavez, 22, was shot in the leg and suffered a fractured femur. Chavez has only been a cop for two months, having graduated from the Basic Law Enforcement Academy. He’s married and expecting a child.

Note to Democrats: Thompson is survived by his wife and three children.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials, no doubt angry and frustrated by the Left’s blatant disregard not only for the lives and safety of police officers but also the American citizens they are sworn to protect, issued a statement, pointing out that Del Toro was an illegal alien:

Juan Manuel Flores Del Toro, a citizen of Mexico, was unlawfully present in the United States. He entered the U.S. on April 11, 2014, through a Laredo, Texas Land Port of Entry on a Temporary Agricultural Worker (H-2A) visa. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has no record of Flores Del Toro leaving the U.S., nor extending his visa after it expired.

Visa reform; that’s one of the laws POTUS Donald Trump has fought with Congress to change.


The only good news here is that Del Toro also died in the gunfight, thus saving taxpayers a boatload of money to try and incarcerate him for decades.

As Democrats and their extreme Left supporters weep for Muslim worshippers in New Zealand killed by a crazed maniac, we have to wonder: Is it too much to ask them to spare a little remorse and grief for American citizens killed by people who aren’t supposed to be in our country?

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