Why we need Trump’s wall: Mexican thieves stealing razor wire placed at border by U.S. troops

By Jon Dougherty

There are numerous examples to explain or prove why POTUS Donald Trump’s proposed border wall is a necessity in an age where criminal cartels have streamlined the smuggling of illegal aliens and Left-wing groups are assisting massive migrant caravans to violate our borders.

But now a new reason has emerged: Temporary boundaries placed by U.S. troops are not good enough.

You will recall in recent months that POTUS Trump ordered National Guard and active-duty troops to the southwest border to assist federal border authorities and to erect physical barriers. Troops placed 18-foot rows of concertina (razor) wire in places where migrant hordes were either attempting to breach or could pass easily into the U.S.

Anyone who has ever ‘tangled’ with concertina wire (I have; it’s nasty and it cost me a set of camos) knows it’s nothing to fool around with. But that said, enter the axiom, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

As reported by The San Diego Union-Tribune, thieves from Mexico have been stealing portions of the razor-wire border barrier near Tijuana and then selling sections to local residents — get this — so they can improve security at their own homes (keep in mind Tijuana was ranked as the world’s most dangerous, deadly city in 2018).

The paper reported:

The concertina wire installed under the Trump administration to reinforce the U.S.-Mexico border is now being stolen and used to protect Tijuana residences as the city grapples with a surge in crime, officials confirmed Monday.

Thieves are stealing and selling the same concertina wire installed in November along the border by the Department of Homeland Security, and 15 to 20 arrests have already been made, city officials said.

Contractors were seen Monday at a border fence on the U.S. side of the Colonia Libertad neighborhood of Tijuana, replacing some of the stolen wire.

Some homes in the same area had identical wire installed in front of their homes, as an added layer of protection to their property lines and fences, but residents declined to comment about how they obtained the material.

The area where the razor wire was installed is, of course, ripe for a much more permanent, less penetrable, and less saleable, boundary, whether it be an actual wall or the type of steel bollard fencing that Border Patrol agents prefer so they can see through to the other side.

Either way, wall critics are having a field day with this story, mocking the president for ‘wasting our troops’ time during the holidays’ (though trust me, when you’re in the military, you are at the beck and call of the commander-in-chief and Congress — that’s just the way it is).

In reality, the theft of our razor wire border ‘fence’ is proof that a stouter, permanent structure is needed at various places along the border. Otherwise, as the industrious — and risk-taking — thieves from south of the border have proven, we won’t get much security for our effort.

And the American people want border security. In fact, as a January poll proves, immigration has become the No. 1 issue.

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2 Comments on "Why we need Trump’s wall: Mexican thieves stealing razor wire placed at border by U.S. troops"

  1. FiFi Macafee Main Force Patrol | March 21, 2022 at 3:53 pm | Reply

    The precious Newcomers will melt the razor wire down and build something useful just like they did in the utopia that they are fleeing.

  2. We the People have been being BS’d over immigration since Reagan. Nothing has changed except the quantity and quality of the freeloaders/invaders. They are a Trojan horse; mostly military-age males.
    The border needs to be militarized by Trump (completely Constitutional) and all invaders shot on sight. I am sick of the lies. I want REAL action.

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