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CNN reporter shocked by LATINO support for Trump’s border wall: ‘Make it TWICE as high’

By Jon Dougherty

It doesn’t happen often so when it does it’s sweet: CNN torched its own #NeverTrump and #NoBorderWall narratives during a recent visit to the U.S.-Mexico, where several Hispanics not only voiced their support for barriers but said they should be bigger.

In a piece broadcast Monday on CNN’s Erin Burnett OutFront, correspondent Miguel Marquez appeared to be in disbelief as he interviewed Hispanic Americans living in the Rio Grande Valley about their support for POTUS Trump and his plans to continue thwarting illegal immigrants.

“You want to see this not only taller but longer?” Marquez asked lifetime McAllen resident Rolando Martinez, as he reported from a physical border wall being built along the border.

“Longer and taller, yes,” responded Martinez, pointing to the top of a tall bollard-style fence.

“How much taller?” the CNN reporter asked.

“Twice,” Martinez said, “twice as much at least.”

“And you want the whole border? 2600 miles?”

“Yes, 2600 miles, yes sir,” Martinez confirmed, adding, “I don’t think the wall is gonna be a barrier for the good people, it will be a barrier for the bad people.”

Mayra Gutierrez, who belongs to Latinos for Trump and who was brought into the U.S. illegally when she was three, told the network she’s currently working on getting her citizenship so she can vote for POTUS in 2020.

Her big issues: Abortion, the economy, and illegal immigration, and she believes our current commander-in-chief is the right leader to tackle them all.

“We do have a lot of problems here [in the Rio Grande Valley] with immigration, and I do support his stance for the wall,” she said.

Meanwhile, the president of Hidalgo County Young Republicans, Joacim Hernandez, said the organization’s membership has more than doubled over the past year alone, making CNN’s Marquez look incredulous.

“How difficult a sell is it to young Republicans, to young people, to Latinos in this area to support the Republican party and the president?” Marquez asked.

“I’m actually quite shocked because the last time the president visited the Valley there was a lot of people out there supporting him,” Hernandez said, going on to predict that the president will win re-election in 2020.

Though surveys indicate that a majority of Hispanic Americans still oppose the president, the gap is definitely narrowing and he is trending in the right direction. CNN’s interviews with a number of Valley residents will also help bolster POTUS’ campaign rally rhetoric claiming that a large number of American Hispanics support his agenda of providing a safer, more secure border.


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2 Comments on CNN reporter shocked by LATINO support for Trump’s border wall: ‘Make it TWICE as high’

  1. Honest, hard-working, law-abiding Latinos, especially those living near our nation’s southern border, want safety from the unvetted, unfettered drug cartels, gangs, rapists, terrorists, and freeloaders who cross into the United States illegally at will because of a lack of border security in places where there is no high, strong border wall to keep them out. Latinos for Trump know that he is a good president. I hope more Latinos will support President Trump instead of allowing themselves to be deceived by anti-Trump, anti-America, anti-rule of law, anti-Constitution, pro-Open Borders, pro-Sanctuary Cities that protect illegal alien criminals from prosecution, corrupt, lying Democrat Socialists who take drug cartel money under the table, want to lower the voting age to 16, practice voter fraud, and are puppets of Deep State psychopaths and their NWO billionaire funders who plan to install a worldwide dictatorship under oppressive Sharia law. Trump and Q are fighting the Deep State/NWO, but it’s a challenge because the bad people own the Main Stream Media and have bribed and blackmailed many greedy, corrupt world leaders and others into obedience to their psychotic agenda. May the Living God protect President Trump, Latinos for Trump, the Q team, and patriots everywhere. Trump 2020!

  2. Ethnic Replacement // March 20, 2022 at 10:25 am // Reply

    The Newcomers have spoken, let’s get on it right away!

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