By Jon Dougherty

Georgia Republican Rep. Doug Collins said Monday his party called Democrats’ bluff regarding the party’s decision to back publicizing Robert Mueller’s final report, whenever it comes.

“It was a political stunt by the Democrats who felt that they could divide Republicans into voting no upon it because at the end of the day after I looked at it, when they dropped it … they said this is nothing but simply a first-year law student’s restatement of what the regular regulations say that Mr. [Attorney General William] Barr is going to have to do,” he said on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures” with Maria Bartiromo.

“This is the sad part we’re at right now, Maria. They have no agenda. They have nothing that they can actually put on the floor. So they wasted an entire week of the American taxpayers’ dollar to actually put a report on the floor that said nothing, basically except the same thing the regulations say that Mr. Barr needs to do,” he said.

“So we just called their bluff and just said, fine, we can vote for this, because this is exactly what Bill Barr said he’s going to do.”

The House passed the resolution 420-0. POTUS Donald Trump told the GOP caucus he supports making the report public and asked his party’s members to go along with it.

The president said transparency “makes us all look good.”

“On the recent non-binding vote (420-0) in Congress about releasing the Mueller Report, I told leadership to let all Republicans vote for transparency,” he tweeted on Saturday. “Makes us all look good and doesn’t matter. Play along with the game!”

Collins, who serves as a chaplain and lieutenant colonel in the Air Force Reserve, has made headlines recently for releasing several transcripts involving congressional testimony from fired FBI agent Peter Strzok and former FBI lawyer Lisa Page. And because he has, Americans are finally learning more about the “Spygate” scandal Obama’s Deep State launched to keep POTUS Trump out of the White House and undermine him after he won the 2016 election.

The Mueller report, by most accounts, is expected within a few weeks. A survey released Monday found that most Americans agree with the president that his investigation has been a political “witch hunt.”

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