By Jon Dougherty

Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) is a sleazebag serial grifter who, some federal prosecutors believed, may even be a sexual deviant and pervert.

But more than anything else, Menendez is a Democrat first, foremost, and always.Which makes him hypocritical, corrupt, morally bankrupt, and devoid of any interest in ensuring that our country survives politicians like him.

All of these traits were on display this week when this galling windbag pretended to care about the First Amendment and honest journalists (those not serving as propagandists for his party) who are trying to fulfill our founders’ vision of a free press: Holding the powerful to account.

Menendez used the occasion of “Sunshine Week,” an annual event meant to support the right of Americans to know what goes on in their government, to cite his alleged support of legislation that would make “certain attacks on those reporting the news” federal crimes.

Menendez claimed that the importance of the media “can’t be overstated,” while implying that abuse of journalists was only a one-party issue as he attacked President Donald Trump for “dangerous rhetoric,” and cited the president’s reference to the media as “the enemy of the people,” according to The Hill.

This blatant hypocrisy comes after an incident last month involving a reporter from The Daily Caller, Henry Rodgers, in which he attempted to get Menendez to provide feedback on Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s country-ending, economy-killing “Green New Deal.”

“Not interested,” Menendez said in comments Rodgers managed to record.

“I have nothing to say to The Daily Caller. You’re trash. I won’t answer questions to The Daily Caller, period! You’re trash! Don’t keep harassing me or I’ll call Capitol Police!”

So not only is Menendez a charlatan when it comes to ‘support’ for the First Amendment and all journalism, he’s a coward who must hide behind men and women with badges to defend his hypocrisy.

That previous exchange combined with Menedez’s pretend-defense of the First Amendment prompted another question from Rodgers, this one via Twitter:

Of course, he remembers. Democrats remember every instance and occasion they take to dump on our constitutional founding and moorings. It’s what they live for. It’s what they do.

Mind you, Menendez’s act of hypocrisy over legislation that’s really meant to punish POTUS Trump, not ‘protect the media,’ may not seem like a big deal to most people — “politics as usual.” But that’s the problem, isn’t it? It’s politics as usual for his party, the anti-American party.

Menendez’s fake interest in government and political transparency comes after a month in which Democrats voted against infanticide, for illegal alien voting, against protecting their own country’s borders, and for new infringements on the Second Amendment.

If Bob Menendez and his Democrats are American patriots like they claim to be, we don’t need more enemies.

Meanwhile, Democrat-aligned white elitist parents have been busted by federal agents in a scheme aimed at rigging the admissions process to top schools for their kids, all why preaching to the rest of us about the pitfalls and outrage of “white privilege” and how our system is so “unfair.”

Speaking of education and academics, it’s one of the many pillars of our society that have been corrupted by Marxist-Leftism embraced by Menendez’s party — along with entertainment, sports, culture, our legal system, our governing institutions, and, of course, the media.

Consider the ease at which the Spygate scandal was plotted and executed. Consider how much traction the scandal got (and continues to get) thanks to a thoroughly dishonest “mainstream” media which helped perpetuate false narratives and foment anger, hatred, and mistrust of President Trump, without merit or justification — and all because their candidate (herself an icon of corruption) didn’t convince enough Americans in enough districts to vote for her.

That a near-coup of a duly-elected, sitting president could even be hatched, much less approved by another president, Barack Obama, then carried out so effortlessly came about precisely because our government already harbored so many Deep State Leftist facilitators of Democratic corruption.

For more than two years we’ve documented that scandal here on our site; scores of other independent journalists and news organizations have done the same. But because our “system” has been so thoroughly infiltrated by the unprincipled, power-hungry Democratic Left, most Americans have lost hope that anyone will ultimately be held responsible for their actions.

Which brings me back to Bob Menendez, the sleazy parasitic human being that embodies the Democrat Party.

You can’t attract hypocrites, liars, and haters like the Democrats do unless the party is putting out that ‘vibe’ to potential candidates. There is no way the Republican Party can be mistaken for one that abhors the Constitution, shuns traditional values, rejects law and order, or attacks basic human morality; were that the case then Republicans in Congress and around the country would be casting ballots against border security, gun rights, the First Amendment, and protecting the unborn.

The Democratic Party represents an America antithetical to the nation created by our founders: Authoritarian, unethical, immoral, divisive, and culturally bankrupt.

Conservatives, by comparison, represent the real America: One that was founded upon freedom, true equality, self-government, self-sacrifice, and commonality of history, language and culture.

Bob Menendez represents an America that was never supposed to exist. Since there is little hope of ‘reforming’ him and his party, the better option is to simply write them off, given them their own country, and reclaim the rest of America as founded.

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