Pennsylvania bill would impose statewide gun registration on ALL residents

By Jon Dougherty

Legislation currently making its way through the Pennsylvania Assembly would require all residents of the state to register the guns with the state police if passed.

House Bill 768 would establish a registration process that includes:

• Name, age, sex and date of birth
• Personal and business addresses
• Telephone number
• Social security number
• Citizenship status
• Make, model, caliber/gauge, type and serial number of each firearm
• Two photographs taken within 30 days immediately prior to the date of filing the application equivalent to passport size showing the full face, head and shoulders of the applicant in a clear and distinguishing manner
• Fingerprints

Applications would be approved — or denied — within 30 days. If approved by state masters, gun owners would be provided with a certificate which they must then carry with the registered firearm at all times.

Also, the bill allows police to randomly stop gun owners to see if they are carrying their government-issued certificate.

Each gun certificate would have to be renewed every year, and — most likely — there will be a fee for registration since it will require the state to pay someone to process the paperwork.

“It shall be the duty of a person owning or possessing a firearm to cause the firearm to be registered. No person within this Commonwealth may possess, harbor, have under the person’s control, transfer, offer for sale, sell, give, deliver or accept a firearm unless the person is the holder of a valid registration certificate for the firearm,” the bill reads.

“No person within this Commonwealth may possess, harbor, have under the person’s control, transfer, offer for sale, sell, deliver or accept a firearm which is unregisterable under this act.”

Without question, this bill would pose an “infringement” on the right to keep and bear arms that is supposedly guaranteed by the Second Amendment — not to mention it would instantly turn all gun owners into criminals if they failed to register with government masters.

As TownHall notes, grandfathers who want to pass their heirloom shotguns down to sons or daughters — or grandkids — would require the receiver to register it. If a female friend is fearful of an abusive boyfriend, Pennsylvanians would be forbidden from lending her a handgun for self-defense. And so on.

Naturally, under the bill, all police officers, federal agents, and other government officials are exempted:

(1) Firearms owned or under the direct control or custody of a Federal, State or local governmental authority maintained in the course of its official duties.

2) Duty-related firearms owned and possessed by law enforcement officers who are not residents of this Commonwealth.

(3) Duty-related firearms owned and possessed by corrections officers who are not residents of this Commonwealth.

(4) Firearms owned, manufactured or processed by licensed manufacturers of firearms, bulk transporters or licensed sellers of firearms at wholesale or retail, provided that such persons have all licenses required by law.

(5) A nonresident of this Commonwealth participating in a lawful recreational firearm-related activity in this Commonwealth, or on the way to or from the firearm-related activity in another jurisdiction, provided that the possession or control of the firearm is lawful in the jurisdiction in which the individual resides and that the weapon is either:

(i) Broken down in a nonfunctioning state.

(ii) Unloaded and enclosed in a case, firearm carrying box, shipping box or other container.

(6) Private security personnel who possess or control a firearm or ammunition within this Commonwealth. Firearms under this paragraph shall be owned and maintained by the security firm employing the security personnel and shall be registered by the security firm in accordance with this section.

If the measure passes it is very likely going to be challenged as an unconstitutional infringement on the right to keep and bear arms. But what would have been a slam-dunk rejection once upon a time is no sure bet in a day and age when the federal judiciary is filled with activist judges instead of constitutionalists.

Gun registration is the precursor to gun confiscation. No wonder gun owners are concerned; the Second Amendment is constantly under attack by big government statists.

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4 Comments on "Pennsylvania bill would impose statewide gun registration on ALL residents"

  1. Throughout the country, sheriffs and police have repeated stated that taking guns away from law abiding citizens will not stop gun crime. Criminals don’t buy their guns from gun stores anyway.

    We have entered an era where the States are ignoring our Constitutional laws and are willfully taking our guns away under the pretense of safety. I’m glad to see though that many counties and a few states are now rebelling by declaring “sanctuary gun zones”.

    The encroachment of Socialism has reached our shores. We must fight back. The Left wants to take away our freedoms and subjugate us all. Don’t let them win.

  2. Bro, they will never win. The BORG are cowards and can only fight a disarmed enemy because they are so scared of dying. They’re like a dog who, once familiar with his territory is all brave and dominant, but as soon as you take him out of that environment, he becomes timid and skiddish. The Yiddish become skiddish ; I like that. They’re not getting our guns, EVER !! We will NOT obey, period. Let THEM start the Civil War and be held accountable for attacking their own damn citizens they were sworn to protect !!

  3. Daniel D Strong | March 14, 2022 at 12:05 pm | Reply

    The Government is getting dangerous. Who is it that is making these absurd want’s from us?

  4. Terry Wagner | March 14, 2022 at 9:30 pm | Reply

    Lawmakers must be aware that when a gun is purchased the gun is registered by the terms of the sales agreement with the FFL dealer. Plus when the background check is completed the purchasing individual has provided total identification to the FBI! What the state is proposing is redundant and not needed!
    Thank you.⚖️

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