By Jon Dougherty

“He’s just not worth it.”

Though she never said these words directly, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s dramatic pronouncement that she’s not supportive of impeaching POTUS Donald Trump on Monday was a blatant admission that a) Democrats don’t have anything on him that merits impeachment; and b) there is no political support in the country for it.

Angering the perpetually angered far Left of her party, Pelosi said that “unless there’s something so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan,” she’s not going to push for impeaching the president.

“I’m not for impeachment,” she said in a March 6 interview conducted for a future issue of The Washington Post Magazine.

“This is news,” she added. “I haven’t said this to any press person before. But since you asked, and I’ve been thinking about this, impeachment is so divisive to the country that unless there’s something so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan, I don’t think we should go down that path because it divides the country. And he’s just not worth it.”

Well, thanks primarily to the Democratic Party’s “#Resist,” “Ungovernable,” and “He’s not my president” movements, we’re already more divided as a nation than we’ve been in 150 years. So the only translation we can glean from her comments is: She can’t impeach because he’s not done anything to merit it.

As partisan as Pelosi is, she’s also politically savvy. She knows that pursuing impeachment of POTUS Trump would be a death knell for a party that is already in trouble politically over its hard-Left embrace of socialism, as well as its new embrace of hate, intolerance, and bigotry.

The New York Post notes:

The speaker is surely up to speed on what evidence Democrats actually have against Trump and has a fair sense of what Special Counsel Bob Mueller’s report will say. And she recognizes that it’s nothing that will persuade anyone who hasn’t wanted Trump ousted since Election Day 2016.

Which means that moving to impeach him would be not just “divisive to the country,” as she says, but also bad for Democrats — since it would show them as unable to resist the most demented demands of their base.

This, when last week’s pathetic failure to confront Rep. Ilhan Omar’s anti-Semitism already exposed them as in thrall to extremists.

This won’t sit well with the Democratic Left, which is fast becoming the base of the party. As MSN reports:

The apparent contradiction shows that Pelosi is well aware of the political risks of impeachment and how pursuit of the president could energize Republicans voters ahead of the 2020 election. Still, her comments will almost certainly infuriate the far-left wing of the party, which has been clamoring to begin impeachment proceedings over controversies ensnaring the Trump administration.

Most House Democrats agree that they should give the chairmen of investigative committees the space to conduct their probes before engaging in serious impeachment discussions. But Pelosi’s suggestion that she doesn’t support those moves at all because “he’s just not worth it” won’t sit well with some in her caucus.

Along those lines, hyper-partisans from very safe districts — House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) and House Intelligence Chairman Adam “Leaker” Schiff (D-Calif.) — will pay little heed to Pelosi. They’ll continue to conduct one witch hunt after another, claiming that special counsel Robert Mueller’s two-year witch hunt didn’t go nearly far enough (though Mueller was empowered to investigate anything and everything related to Team Trump and the president).

Now, with Pelosi’s pronouncement that “impeachment isn’t in the cards,” we can expect these hyper-partisans to get even more aggressive in their subpoena war, which we have already said the president should ignore to the greatest extent possible by declaring executive privilege — like his predecessor.

What will she do about that? And how about the “mainstream media,” which has regularly exposed itself as little more than a propaganda arm of the Democrats? The Post:

Now, will Pelosi call off the dogs? Committee Chairmen Jerry Nadler and Adam Schiff will keep on subpoenaing away, and grandstanding for the cameras — in hopes of maybe somehow, someday, somewhere finding some genuine dirt, while at least harassing the president, his family and associates and feeding an endless string of breathless this time, Trump is going down reports.

Just as impeachment would be bad for the Democrats, chances are Americans will note that the press has been blaring those “scoops” for more than two years now, and not a one has panned out. Keeping it up only shows that not just the Democratic Party, but also most of the media, can’t stop themselves from playing to the unhinged left.

The Leftist donor class is ticked off at Pelosi, too. Enter billionaire Tom Steyer, who has been spending portions of his capitalist fortune stumping for impeachment only, and nothing less. In an interview with MSNBC‘s Chris Matthews, he said:

I think what she’s saying is “regardless of the information, regardless of how unfit he is, we’re waiting for Republican permission to go forward and hold him accountable for his crimes, and I think if we, in fact, let the American people see through hearings exactly how lawless he is, they’ll insist he be removed from office immediately.

When asked by Matthews what ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’ the president should be charged with, Steyer echoed the talking points:

 I think the two most obvious are articles, Chris, are obstruction of justice and straight up corruption, that he’s been taking money from foreign countries.

“Obvious?” If so, where are the charges? Mueller’s had plenty of time. Democrats who reviewed evidence with Republicans for the past two years haven’t leveled those charges, either. Must mean they don’t exist?

What money from foreign countries? Oh, that “emoluments clause” thing? Good luck turning a hotel bill into a constitutional definition of official graft. Consider this: Would Trump charge his foreign buddies exorbitant fees to stay at his hotels if he was really trying to get in their good graces?

The Democrats have finally arrived at a place where we knew they would: The end of the impeachment road, a place where their angry voters have been waiting, and not so patiently. Their scheme to unseat our duly elected president has failed. They’ve been promising for two years they were going to “get him,” and they haven’t. They couldn’t.And now they’re out of ideas.

Several Democrats campaigned on this signature issue (Remember Tlaib’s “We’re gonna impeach the m-f’er!” pledge?). Let them reap what they’ve sown with their voters.

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