By Jon Dougherty

If Democrats thought that turning on Leftist Starbucks founder and former CEO Howard Schultz was going to dissuade him from taking part in the 2020 electoral process or, to their horror, even running as an Independent for president, they were wrong.

Not only has Schultz not slinked off into the dark battered and silenced, but he is also continuing to take the Democratic Party’s extreme Left to task, especially its newest rising star, Democratic Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.).

While Schultz certainly veers way Left when it comes to so-called ‘human-caused climate change,’ amnesty for illegal aliens, banning ‘assault weapons,’ and giving Barack Obama credit for today’s strong economy, he’s a realist when it comes to things like energy and corporate policies.

Schultz spoke at the South by Southwest Conference & Festival in Austin, Texas, on Saturday, where he criticized Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal as an unworkable pipe dream that would destroy the U.S. economy.

And while the former CEO hasn’t made his mind up yet about running for president, he believes Democrats’ lurch to the Left and the embrace of socialism by many of the party’s leading presidential contenders will only strengthen POTUS Donald Trump’s reelection chances.

“For us to start moving towards a level of socialism is such an extreme position and something that is inconsistent with the values, the heritage, and the tradition of the country,” Schultz said. “And that is what Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and others are proposing to try and defeat Donald Trump with a far extreme proposal.

“If Donald Trump runs against one of those types of candidates it’s my belief that Donald Trump will be reelected, that the vast majority of Americans are not going to embrace socialism,” Schultz added.

He also said that the Green New Deal has no basis in reality — just like Republicans have argued.

“I read that by 2030 they’re suggesting that every building in America becomes clean energy, conforms to clean energy, just to put that in perspective, because it’s not realistic, that would mean that between 2,000 and 3,000 buildings a day would have to be reconstructed to conform to what they’re saying,” Schultz said. “So let’s be sensible about what we’re suggesting.”

He added that the GND “a well-intentioned idea but it’s never going to happen.”

“Let’s propose things that are true, that are honest, that are sincere, and that are realistic,” Schultz said.

Naturally, the petulant “AOC” couldn’t let Schultz’s take on reality pass without comment.

Schulz added another dose of reality, nonetheless: That no government program is “free,” that the money has to come from somewhere — as long as there’s money to take from someone.

“There’s nothing free in America,” Schultz said. “So these proposals about Medicare for all, and free college, and a government job for everybody, that is not free.

“So someone is going to have to pay for that and that means that taxes for everyone is going to have to go up or someone’s going to have to wave a magic wand and do something that doesn’t exist but that has to be paid for by somebody and the difficulty in trying to pay for any of that is we’re sitting with $22 trillion of debt that has to be addressed,” he added.


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