By Jon Dougherty

Liberals and Lefties are fond of reminding Americans often about how ‘tolerant’ and ‘accepting’ they are, mostly because they’re more educated than most conservative, knuckle-dragging rubes and just ‘understand stuff’ better.

With this in mind, no doubt the Left-wing mag The Atlantic was driven by confirmation bias when it commissioned a study recently to find which counties in America were the most intolerant.

Lo and behold, what they found no doubt shocked their sensibilities — not that it’s going to change any Leftists’ behavior anytime soon, though.

The magazine found that the most politically and culturally intolerant country in the country was filled with closed-minded liberals from in and around Boston:

[T]he most politically intolerant county in America appears to be Suffolk County, Massachusetts, which includes the city of Boston. In this part of the country, nine out of every 10 couples appear to share the same partisan leaning, according to the voter-file data.  Eight out of every 10 neighborhoods are politically homogeneous. This means that people in Boston may have fewer “cross-cutting relationships,” as researchers put it.  It is a very urban county with a relatively high education level.  All these things tend to correlate with partisan prejudice.

Suffolk County voters cast 79.5 percent of their ballots for Hillary Clinton in 2016, while just 16.5 percent for Donald Trump.

The most politically tolerant county, meanwhile, is Jefferson County, around Watertown, N.Y. — commandingly Trump country. Voters cast ballots 58.2 for Trump to 35.9 for Clinton.

In sum, the most prejudiced counties are “whiter, more highly educated, older, more urban, and more partisan” — in other words, just the kind of places where The Atlantic sells a lot of subscriptions, notes The American Thinker‘s Thomas Lifson, a ‘recovering’ Left-wing academic and intellectual who added:

I could have told them this for much less money.  When I began questioning liberalism and the Democrats (it took me until the 1980s), I immediately discovered after the first political meetings I attended that conservatives engaged in civil debate while, as a veteran of decades in Cambridge, Mass. and Berkeley, Calif., I was accustomed to subjects being dropped because they would only cause name-calling.

Needless to say, there are also conservatives and conservative counties that are prejudiced.  But this fairly formidable study is aimed at generalizations, and they do find that the same factors that lead to voting heavily progressive also seem to favor higher levels of prejudice toward those who politically disagree.

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