By Jon Dougherty

While POTUS Donald Trump was understandably distracted earlier this week when Michael Cohen was the ‘star’ attraction in the Democrats’ clown show congressional hearings that began on Wednesday, now that he’s back from his second summit with Kim Jong-un, he’s taking aim at his onetime personal lawyer.

In particular, the president is bashing Cohen over the latter’s claim he had a ‘change of heart’ regarding his relationship with Trump following events at Charlottesville, where racially-tinged riots took place, and Helsinki, where the president allegedly gave away the United States to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

POTUS also criticized Cohen for electing to violate attorney-client privilege (Cohen was disbarred this week, by the way) by handing over financial documents that detailed some of Trump’s Deutsche Bank dealings, calling his House testimony “fraudulent and dishonest.”

Specifically, the president contradicted Cohen’s claims about losing respect for him after Trump allegedly became “the worst version of himself” after winning the presidency. POTUS said that Cohen circulated a “love letter to Trump” book manuscript to publishers recently and that the manuscript was actually submitted after Charlottesville and Helsinki.

The president also noted that Congress should “demand the transcript of…Cohen’s new book” because “Your heads will spin when you see the lies, misrepresentations and contradictions against his Thursday testimony.”

Cohen has been convicted of financial crimes unrelated to the “Russian collusion” narrative and — of course — lying to Congress.

Speaking of Russian collusion, that narrative is fading faster than Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s claims that she’s Native American. That’s why much of Cohen’s testimony this week dealt with disparaging Trump over his finances, including claims he would inflate or deflate his wealth depending on specific objectives such as getting on the Forbes’ richest list and paying taxes; Democrats are now shifting to that sphere, obsessing over the president’s tax returns and other financial dealings.

Not that the president isn’t wise to what’s going on.

The president ended his tweet storm by demanding an end to the “corrupt and illegally brought Witch Hunt” and declared that “Republicans have been abused long enough.”

The president wasn’t the first — and he won’t be the last — to point out Cohen’s ‘inconsistencies’ during his testimony. In fact, two GOP lawmakers — Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio and Rep. Mark Meadows of North Carolina — have made a criminal referral to the Justice Department of Cohen’s testimony.

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