By Jon Dougherty

For decades, liberal Democrats have tried to rid the world of nuclear weapons, but suddenly the Donkey Party seems to care more about exacting revenge on POTUS Donald Trump than helping him denuclearize one of the most potentially dangerous regimes on the planet.

Talk radio giant Rush Limbaugh noted as his program opened on Wednesday that House Democrats scheduled the president’s former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, to appear as POTUS was sitting down with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un for their second summit.

Kim is believed to have produced at least dozens of nuclear weapons and was hard at work developing the missiles to deliver them until last year when he voluntarily opted to end missile testing ahead of his first meeting with POTUS Trump in Singapore.

Limbaugh observed that analysts and hosts on Fox News earlier in the day were expressing “a lot of shock, a lot of surprise the Democrats would dare do this on the very day the president is trying to achieve a nuclear deal with the North Koreans.”

He stated further:

And it’s a good point. Imagine being so distraught, so out of sorts, so bamboozled, so destroyed by losing an election that you would even go so far as to distract or perhaps sabotage nuclear peace talks from the political party which has attempted over the course of my life to portray nuclear weapons as the absolute worst thing — goes back and forth between that and climate change.

And we’ve gotta do anything we can to get rid of nuclear weapons. We can’t have Ronald Reagan in charge of nuclear weapons. Ronald Reagan’s a cowboy, his finger on the nuclear button. We’ve lived all through this panic and fear.

And now all of a sudden Democrats don’t care about nuclear weapons, don’t care about the effort to get North Korea, an aggressive state, to denuclearize? North Korea has not launched a missile in 457 days. They haven’t conducted a nuclear test in 543 days. They have destroyed a major missile engine test. And Trump is over THERE trying to continue this progress in North Korea, something no Democrat has ever been able to do.

No Democrat president, no Republican president has ever made this kind of progress de-nuking North Korea, and here’s the Democrat Party today attempting to undermine and sabotage that and everything else.

Because, folks, what remains the objective is to drive all of you Trump supporters away from Donald Trump. This is the next phase, perhaps the most intense phase that they’ve engaged in yet, and it’s happening because Mueller has nothing, and they are panicking. And Democrat donors are panicking.

Limbaugh said that Democratic donors and bundlers like billionaire Tom Steyer are essentially bankrolling Cohen so that he can appear before Democrat-led committees in an ongoing attempt to undermine and distract the president, even as he’s involved in high-level talks to bring peace to the world’s most heavily fortified peninsula, and where technically the U.S. remains at war.

Steyer “is becoming unraveled and unhinged like all the other Democrats are over the fact that they cannot lay a glove on Donald Trump. The fact that Donald Trump remains 44% to 52% approval in various polls has got them so ticked off, they can’t deal with it,” Limbaugh said.

While there have been no announcements yet as a result of the president’s meetings with Kim, the fact that he’s managed a second summit with the North Korean leader speaks volumes to his ability to move American interests forward diplomatically in a way that his Ivy League-educated predecessors were not.

As for the Cohen hearings, they’re not going to change much in terms of the president’s approval and disapproval ratings. Americans who support Trump will continue to do so and those who are vehemently opposed to him will get the same strange sense of ‘accomplishment’ that House Democrats are getting with their clown show, but nothing more.

They aren’t going to be any closer to getting him out of office. And in reality, the fact that he’s sitting down again with Chairman Kim in an effort to make the world a little safer is likely going to be a lot more meaningful to most Americans than anything a convicted congressional liar has to say.

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