By Jon Dougherty

Michael Cohen, a convicted liar and former personal lawyer for POTUS Donald Trump, is set to appear in open testimony before Congress on Wednesday after a closed-door session yesterday in which no explosive bombshells were leaked — meaning there weren’t any.

But even before Cohen speaks one syllable of his prepared testimony in which he will claim the president is “a racist,” a liar, a cheat, and generally an awful person, critics are pointing out what should be obvious to any fair-minded person: Cohen’s testimony is nothing more than a political stunt staged by majority Democrats.

How do we know this? Because if Cohen, who reports to prison in less than two months, really had so much damaging evidence against the president, special counsel Robert Mueller would have it as well — and he wouldn’t be letting Cohen spill the beans in public.

In any event Cohen, who’s just been disbarred by the State of New York, by the way, can’t be believed because there is nothing credible about him or any ‘new evidence’ he’s just stumbled across that he’s going to offer.

As many have pointed out.

Despite Cohen’s clearly questionable honesty, Congress will entertain his “recently discovered evidence.”

Axios writes, “Cohen is set to accuse Trump of criminal misconduct linked to reimbursements Cohen received in 2017 for hush money payments made to Stormy Daniels regarding her alleged affair with Trump toward the end of the 2016 campaign, as first reported by the Wall Street Journal. The source said Cohen will describe ‘in granular detail’ the scheme to pay off Daniels, which Cohen is set to say was orchestrated by Trump.”

Cohen’s attempted smear is clearly a final attempt to place the blame on Trump as the lawyer’s career implodes.

As GOP Chairwoman Rona McDaniel notes, “Michael Cohen’s hearing is the last ditch effort to save face & cast blame on everyone but himself for his crimes.”

Judicial Watch chief Tom Fitton has even suggested that Cohen’s testimony might be illegal.

If you have chosen to skip this clown show, you’re not going to be alone. Meanwhile, POTUS Trump is busy doing what no president before him has managed to do: He’s making the Korean peninsula safe again.

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