HATE is the currency of the Left, and they spend it carelessly

By Ethan Huff

For at least the past decade – and especially since Donald Trump was elected president – the Left has been engaged in a full-scale, hate-driven, identity politics war against conservative Americans.

Even as they claim to somehow be the perpetual victims of “hate,” Leftists are actually the ones that have kept themselves busy, day in and day out, inciting as much hatred as they can get away with against people who support President Trump – and more specifically, against people who reject the godless religion of liberalism as society’s “moral” compass.

You might even say that hate is the currency of the Left, and that Leftists manufacture it on an as-needed basis – much like the private Federal Reserve with its fake “funny” money – in order to push whatever agenda of division is on the day’s menu.

One week, Leftists are spreading lies about white kids wearing “MAGA” (Make America Great Again) hats while mocking Native American “elders,” fueling sentiments of anti-white racism. The next week, they’re spreading myths about gay, black men being “lynched” by yet more white guys in MAGA hats, again promoting racial animosity against white people.

Back in the fall, Leftists were busy dredging up ridiculous conspiracy theories about an innocent white man who they falsely accused of sexually assaulting some woman he barely even knew, creating more societal division. And on and on goes the Leftist merry-go-round of hate, hate, and more hate.

All the Left knows how to do is hate, in other words. And yet Leftists are notorious for projecting their hatred onto conservatives, as if conservatives are the ones constantly spreading all this hate. But to anyone who’s actually paying attention, nothing could be further from the truth.

In all truth, the Left Cult is actually a religion centered around hate, with hate as its number-one doctrine. There’s nothing that gets Leftists going more than something new to hate, whether that be white people, straight people, conservative people, or really any people with whom they disagree on pretty much anything.

The mainstream media is filled with Left Cult haters who openly trumpet their hatred for Christian people, as another example, drumming up fake news story after fake news story in order to tarnish the reputation of Christians, simply for kicks.

However, in many ways, the thing Leftists hate the most is themselves.

They constantly project their self-loathing as contrived outrage over what they falsely claim other people are doing. Whether it’s concepts like “white privilege” or “systemic racism,” Leftists love to pretend as though everyone else is guilty of the things for which they, themselves are guilty.

Hate is the Left’s currency. They spend it carelessly.

A version of this story first appeared at NewsTarget.

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