Federal ruling against male-only military draft could mean women will have to register

By Jon Dougherty

The chairman of a congressional committee charged with reviewing the country’s Selective Service military draft said a federal court ruling last week means that changes are very likely coming to the system.

On Friday, a federal court judge ruled that the all-male draft system established decades ago by Congress is unconstitutional because it does not require females to register. According to U.S. District Judge Gray Miller of the Southern District of Texas, the current law is a violation of the Fifth Amendment’s due process requirements.

“The district court’s opinion means change is inevitable and the status quo is untenable,” Joe Heck, chairman of the bipartisan National Commission on Military, National, and Public Service, said Monday.

For now, the law will remain in effect as the government figures out whether to appeal to the Fifth Circuit in New Orleans, which seems likely given that the military draft is a major national security requirement.

The Washington Examiner noted further:

The ruling last week came as a result of a 2013 lawsuit filed by two draft-age men who argued requiring only men to register for the draft was a form of discrimination on the basis of sex and therefore a violation of the Constitution.

For now, Miller’s ruling stopped short of ordering the government to begin making women register for conscription. But that’s one option that is clearly on the horizon and a major driver of the lawsuit.

“The Commission is studying a wide range of possible changes, including not only whether women should register, but whether the nation even needs a registration system,” said Heck in a statement responding to the Texas case.

The commission, which has been studying the issues for two years, is charged with making its final recommendations to Congress by March 2020.

The panel is considering recommending several proposals, including expanding the registration requirement to include women, identifying individuals who possess critical skills, using the existing system to call on volunteers during times of emergency, and incorporating reasonable changes to accommodate people who object to military service but are otherwise willing to serve.

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13 Comments on "Federal ruling against male-only military draft could mean women will have to register"

  1. Long time coming… can’t have it both ways.

  2. Just another route to registering citizens. The military draft has nothing to do with it.

  3. Shove into the front lines, no consideration. If they can’t handle it, treat them exactly like a male. Do NOT stick them in the rear with the gear and the choice assignments where they can gain rank and greater earning over men then send the men to do the dying. That’s colossally misandry!!! Pass a law to make THAT illegal!!!

    Now’s your time to shine feminists. Grab your rifle and hustle it up to the front.

  4. The Great Leap Forward | February 26, 2022 at 3:08 am | Reply

    Forward comradettes! Pack that gear, haul that rucksack, Yes you can!

  5. Perhaps law requires the judge’s decision, but the purpose of war is to eliminate competitive (young) males from the herd.

  6. william chandler | February 26, 2022 at 5:50 am | Reply

    Yeah sure . … so they can be RAPED by their “comrades” Screw that whore of a “judge”

  7. What about illegals ? Will they have to register ?

  8. This eliminates the need to define who is a male these days.

  9. We should return to the good old days of Wacs, Waves and Macs as a support group of clerks and not in command of men.

  10. Well, you cannot have it both ways.

  11. Equal rights biitches, suck it up.

  12. Self-defense of the individual and common-defense of the Commonwealth both require a collective effort, To paraphrase Ben Franklin, “We must hang together to avoid the possibility of hanging individually” Because women were essential to America’s effort during the 2d World War, this Federal Court ruling makes historical sense. Women in the Military is nothing new. Both male and female, we’re all in this social-political experiment together, regardless of race, creed, color, sex, etc.
    The defense of the modern Nation against foreign enemies requires both mental and physical services. To paraphrase Churchill, “They also serve who only stand and wait.” Some of our soldiers, I include here many women, may serve as non-combatants, and still perform vital services.
    Democracy, in allowing many opinions to compete for attention, may seem the worst of all possible procedural systems, at least until we compare and contrast it to the current alternatives. Compare our culture with those foreign cultures that deny women a basic education and restrict the role of women to service in the home. They represent a cultural poverty that is both mental and economic.
    But can we agree on what systems of law and economics, either individualist or collectivist, we are fighting to defend and export to other cultures similarly situated? Will we aggressively champion a free enterprise system, which produces competitive inequalities or choose egalitarian but mediocre socialism? Some champion the apparent middle-way of welfare capitalism or some other mélange of social and economic ideas? There’s the rub. Not all economic theories are equal, or equally productive. Not all are worth defending militarily.

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