Despite near-universal negative media coverage, Trump’s approval STILL better than Obama

By Jon Dougherty

The “mainstream” media (MSM) is rife with Left-wing propagandists posing as journalists, according to a recent admission by a former Lara Logan, a former foreign correspondent superstar for CBS News.

Those of us in the so-called “alternative” media have known that for years — that’s why we’re here and not part of an MSM organization.

So when we see research proving that the vast majority of news coverage of POTUS Donald Trump is overwhelmingly and uncharacteristically negative, we’re not surprised by that because, again, we know the political ideology of most MSM reporters and editors and we know that Trump Derangement Syndrome has spread to their newsrooms.

A previous Media Research Center (MRC) study in which researchers viewed more than 1,000 hours of network news coverage — ABC, CBS and NBC — from June to September of 2018 found that 92 percent of the coverage related to the president during that period was negative in tone, as compared to a mere 8 percent that was positive.

A subsequent Harvard University study produced similar results. The Washington Examiner noted:

The Harvard scholars analyzed the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and the main newscasts (not talk shows) of CBS, CNN, Fox and NBC during Trump’s initial time in office. They found, to no one’s surprise, that Trump absolutely dominated news coverage in the first 100 days. And then they found that news coverage was solidly negative — 80 percent negative among those outlets studied, versus 20 percent positive.

The numbers for previous presidents: Barack Obama, 41 percent negative, 59 percent positive; George W. Bush, 57 percent negative, 43 percent positive; and Bill Clinton, 60 percent negative, 40 percent positive.

Subsequent media studies have found continued overwhelmingly negative coverage of the president.

Meanwhile, POTUS Trump and his administration were actually producing very good results for the country. The economy has been revived under this president. Job-and-business-killing regulations have been cut dramatically. The president signed a justice reform bill seen as favorable to minorities that Obama never even considered. Trade deals have either been renegotiated to America’s favor or are in the process of being renegotiated. Our military is being revitalized; Trump’s promise of bringing troops home is materializing. Border walls are getting built.

But few of those accomplishments, if any, have even been mentioned in passing by the biased MSM. And yet, the president’s approval ratings are not just good, they’re better than his predecessor at the same time in their respective presidencies (and though Obama’s media coverage was far more favorable).

As Conservative Tribune reports:

The Rasmussen Approval Index History for Trump, which provides the spread between those who “strongly” approve and disapprove of the president, as well as his total approval and disapproval rating, had an approval index rating of -7 for Trump on Feb. 21, 2019.

That -7 index is the difference between the 35 percent who “strongly approve” and 42 percent who “strongly disapprove” of Trump, while his overall rating was 49 percent approved to 50 percent disapproved of his job performance.

In comparison, the Rasmussen Approval Index History for Obama on Feb. 21, 2011, the equivalent point in Obama’s first term, showed he had approval index of -18 points.

Obama was “strongly approved” by only 23 percent of Americans, while 41 percent “strongly disapproved” of him.

In total, Obama had an overall approval rate of 44 percent as compared to a disapproval rate of 55 percent.

Granted, POTUS Trump’s approval ratings — like those of other presidents — are fluid and largely snapshots during various periods. But when combined into an index, the true measure of a president’s enduring popularity (or unpopularity) can be more easily taken.

The Washington media and political establishment have thrown everything they could at this president, and not only have they failed to unseat him, but he’s also getting more popular by the month.

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