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Unable to argue against Trump’s historic growth, 2020 Dems now say we need ‘moral economy’

By J. D. Heyes

If you’re running against a popular president whose policies and party have ushered in rapid economic growth and opportunity for all Americans as well as record stock market growth, how to do talk down those accomplishments?

Easy: Call it ‘immoral.’

That’s what 2020 Democratic presidential contenders have rallied around when it comes to pooh-poohing POTUS Donald Trump’s economy.

“We need a moral economy instead” — whatever that means.

As noted by the Washington Examiner:

The U.S. economy added 200,000 new jobs in January, and the unemployment rate held steady at 4.1 percent, according to the Department of Labor. The country’s gross domestic product increased last quarter by 3.4 percent.

Less than a year before the first primaries, Democrats seem to have settled on an argument that says the economic gains seen over the last two years aren’t being “shared” with others.

“What happened to a moral responsibility, to a moral capitalism?” former Vice President Joe Biden asked an audience of students Tuesday during an event at the University of Pennsylvania.

This from a man whose boss presided over an economic ‘recovery’ that took the longest amount of time in the history of the country, thanks to the implementation of job-killing regulations and high taxes, none of which was so overwhelmingly negative than Obamacare.

How “moral” is it to deprive Americans of opportunities? Of better pay? How moral is it to deprive companies of growth and of the profits necessary to expand and hire more workers?

Sen. Kamala Harris of California, also running for president, said something similar, coupled with an outright lie.

“Yeah, people are working. They are working two or three jobs,” Harris said at a campaign event in New Hampshire this week. “We have to address these truths and do it in a way that recognizes that there is some course correction that needs to happen.”

In fact, it was President Obama who was king of the part-time job creators, as a scientific study of job creation during the bulk of his presidency proved. In fact, researchers concluded that 94 percent of all jobs created under Obama were part-time in nature.

What’s more, full-time employment under POTUS Trump has skyrocketed while part-time employment fell (beginning, by the way, in 2016, when Trump was elected).

And are ‘more Americans’ working ‘more jobs?’ No, according to Bloomberg. Harris is ‘fibbing.’

As of August 2018, 5.1 percent of the total number of employed people in the U.S. were working “multiple” jobs, “and the share has been hovering around 5 percent since the expansion began in mid-2009.”

In other words, the percentage of Americans working multiple jobs hasn’t changed much since Obama was president, so Harris has some explaining to do.

If we’re talking economic “morality” here, the Democrats offer up the same old “boogeymen” — millionaires and billionaires who comprise a very small percentage of our population. By calling them out, they are openly suggesting that these people managed to accumulate their massive wealth in an “immoral” fashion.

Really? Like Bill Gates, whose sin of immorality was building an empire on selling personal computers than everyone wanted?

Or about Jeff Bezos, who found Amazon? How exactly does Bezos “immorally” induce tens of millions of people daily to purchase goods through Amazon?

Ditto for Walmart. Immoral to offer Americans quality items at affordable prices? The horror!

And while we’re on the subject of economic morality, maybe some enterprising young mainstream media journalist will ask Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Liz Warren, or any of the other Democratic socialists running for their party’s 2020 nomination to explain how it’s “moral” to force the smallest group of American earners to pay nearly all of the country’s income taxes every year.

As Obama proved, Democrats don’t know how to create jobs, wealth, and prosperity. They only know how to take them all away. If that’s their idea of ‘morality,’ we’ll take Trump’s version every day of the week, thank you very much.

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1 Comment on Unable to argue against Trump’s historic growth, 2020 Dems now say we need ‘moral economy’

  1. Over Abundance // February 21, 2022 at 3:22 pm // Reply

    The Dems don’t have any accomplishments to brag about. So, they invert all the accomplishments of Trump into a negative and spin this hype in the media and hope that Americans are stupid enough to believe them. They are truly desperate.

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