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‘Mainstream’ media’s perpetuation of hate hoaxers like Jussie Smollett will lead to violence, war

By J. D. Heyes

Tens of millions of Americans still don’t see it or realize it yet, but the Left has declared open warfare on the civil society, aided and abetted by useful idiots and willful participants in the “mainstream” media (MSM) and tech industry.

At no time since the Civil War or the anti-establishment counter-cultural movement that began a century later — both of which were brought about by Democrats and their Left-wing descendants — have Americans been so divided and so full of irreconcilable hate.

From the deplatforming of conservatives and supporters of POTUS Donald Trump by the social media giants to the endless production of fake news and the perpetuation of hoaxes meant to inflame political passions by the MSM, America is on the precipice of open hostilities by rival factions.

The most recent incident involves the likely hate crime hoax by Jussie Smollett, a second-tier black homosexual actor who has selfishly weaponized his skin color and sexuality in an attempt to perpetuate the dangerous lie that our president is a racist, bigoted homophobe.

As new details roll out by the day indicating that police now believe Smollett staged a ‘racial’ attack to perpetuate a false stereotype of the president’s supporters, his disgusting lie is being perpetuated by a dishonest Left-wing media hell-bent on destroying their own country, which they’ve been brainwashed into believing is imperialistic and illegitimate.

As Leftist propaganda factories like CNN gaslight the country regarding Smollett’s hate crime, one legitimate journalist, Andy Ngo, is pushing back. In a tweet storm earlier this week, he ticked off one fake race crime hoax after another that the MSM was quick to report, sans evidence, or ignored once the hoaxes were discovered.

Here’s a short list:

— Shortly after the 2016 election, the far-Left hate mongers at Southern Poverty Law Center stoked fear and loathing after a pro-homosexual Episcopal Church was allegedly vandalized with a painted message, “Heil Trump.” It was a hoax; the church’s gay organ player did it and he was only charged with a misdemeanor.

— A few days after a mass shooting in Pittsburgh, supporters of the president were accused of Nazi vandalism at a Jewish synagogue in Brooklyn as well as starting fires in a Jewish community. Hoax: The perpetrator was a gay black man who worked with city council members on an anti-hate crimes initiative.

— In December 2017, Juan Thompson, then a reporter for the Leftist news site The Intercept, was sentenced to 60 months in prison for making hoax death threats to Jewish community centers around the country, for which POTUS Trump was blamed.

— In September 2018 a black woman in Long Island, N.Y. claimed that Trump supporters confronted her and said “she didn’t belong here.” The next day a tire on her car was slashed with a note left behind that said, “Go home.” Hoax: The woman, Adwoa Lewis, made it up.

Ngo listed scores of other examples (begin his tweet series by clicking here). But in every case, like with the Smollett hoax, the MSM, Democrats, and the Hollywood Left piled on the story, casting aspersions (and threats) against Trump supporters and conservatives in general, only to be proven wrong, and refusing to acknowledge it.

Here’s the thing: One day, and soon, one of these hoaxes will spark a clash — perhaps even a race war — that won’t end until hundreds or even thousands of Americans have died and entire portions of several cities have been destroyed. 

And what’s more, the disgustingly dishonest media will be largely responsible for perpetuating the lies that will lead to the clashes, the death, and the destruction.

POTUS Trump calls the MSM “enemies of the people” for a reason. It’s because they are.

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7 Comments on ‘Mainstream’ media’s perpetuation of hate hoaxers like Jussie Smollett will lead to violence, war

  1. James Carpenter // February 20, 2022 at 9:41 pm // Reply

    In the best of all world, we can resolve our differences and chart a mutually satisfying course at the ballot box.
    But as history has repeatedly shown, if the ballot box fails, the bullet box is an inevitable second-choice remedy.

  2. Will be a short war the Dem Slavery Party will lose again

  3. Why do so many Dimocraps feel the mentally disturbed need to be a victim when they are actually predators in sheep’s clothing? They are mainly sheep anyway but who is their twisted shepherd?

  4. The BORG have one purpose ; to force Civil War in America. Can you see it evolving ? Are you paying attention ? It’s like a blade being sharpened on a whetstone. More and more heinous racial incidents being dreamed up to cause division and hatred. To all Americans . . . when the SHTF, remember who was at the helm, who was pulling the strings, who fomented and incited all this ; THE BORG. Remember that THEY are the ones we will go after, TOGETHER. Let’s show them how stupid they were for underestimating us.

  5. The ‘mainstream media’ is hoping for war….they need the press coverage to distract from their agenda. BUT, even then they will still have an agenda…

  6. Divide and conquer is the motto of the Deep State, it’s leftist shills, and it’s MSM puppets. Their NWO controllers are determined to use every tool at their wicked disposal to usher in their destruction of the most powerful nation on the face of the earth—the United States of America—and then gain control over the entire brain-dead world. Their dream—humanity’s nightmare—is under assault by the Q team, President Trump, and patriots everywhere who know the truth and are just as determined to stop them and their corrupt, unlawful, lying, murdering, human trafficking, pedophilic, evil agenda. God is fed up with them. They are being exposed, fired, and will soon be brought to justice. This is a great challenge, but the Q plan is working. God bless the Q team, President Trump, and Patriots everywhere. And may God’s blessing be upon our FOREVER sovereign nation. We are united, and we will not allow the NWO, the corrupt Deep State, corrupt MSM shills, celebrity shills, and any other rats they may pay and use to create false flag events designed to divide and conquer to succeed. MAGA!

  7. This new class of Democrat “hate hoaxers” has taught me something. Even though Democrats are (still) clamoring on behalf of (so-called) women’s liberation and racial equality (both battles already LONG won), there is ZERO evidence that either issue is still a legitimate concern in our (quite enlightened) society. So, to perpetrate the myth, they have to CREATE evidence of said inequality and intolerance! I’d posit that if you need to CREATE evidence of a problem to prove it exists…it doesn’t exist.

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