By J. D. Heyes

Whether it’s just plain arrogance or a lack of proper education — or both — New York Democratic Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s tone deafness regarding her own ignorance about worldly matters and economics is stunning.

Earlier this week, Ocasio-Cortez took to social media to decry POTUS Donald Trump’s decision to declare a national emergency in order to secure funds to continue building walls and physical barriers along portions of the U.S.-Mexico border.

Like the rest of the Democratic Left, Ocasio-Cortez would rather make it easier for cartels to traffic human beings and drugs into our country while inundating our communities with poor migrants than live up to their oaths of office by protecting and defending our country and our people.

But what she said about the wall itself — in particular, what it reminded her of — was incredibly ill-informed. 

“No matter how you feel about the wall,” she said, “I think it’s a moral abomination. I think it’s, like, the Berlin Wall.

The stupidity of that statement is astounding.

While that plays well with her equally uneducated and under-educated Millennial fan base, the fact is “the Berlin Wall” was built by an authoritarian Communist government in Soviet-aligned East Germany in 1961 to keep people in, not to keep people out.

As the History Channel notes, the Soviet Union’s leader at the time, Nikita Khrushchev, upset at the continued flow of refugees out of the Communist East to the Democratic West, gave the East Berlin government permission to build a wall to stem the flow of professionals — doctors, craftsmen, engineers, teachers — which they did. Tens of thousands of German families were separated overnight; scores lost jobs they held in West Berlin. Within a year, the East German government had built a second wall, fortified it with guard towers, armed guards, and dogs. Anyone caught trying to escape East Berlin/East Germany was shot on sight.

“In all, at least 171 people were killed trying to get over, under or around the Berlin Wall,” the History Channel reported. The wall was torn down in late 1989 after the Soviet Union collapsed (due to its inferior economic model — Communism and socialism).

So for Ocasio-Cortez to make the comparison here that U.S. border walls and fences are the same as the wall built by an authoritarian regime hell-bent on denying their citizens choice and freedom is imbecilic. It’s not even remotely accurate.

So why does she make such dumb, easily refutable comments? For one reason, it’s obvious that her higher education did not include recent Western history.

But also, the “mainstream” media is to blame for much of Ocasio-Cortez’s ignorance of the issues as well as her misplaced confidence. Because they have long ceased to be journalists in the true sense of the word — if they ever were — and are instead nothing more than Left-wing political activists and propagandists, MSM reporters don’t challenge Ocasio-Cortez when she says things that are so obviously wrong and so easily fact-checked. Part of the reason is that they want her to be right; the other part is because they need her to be right.

POTUS Trump’s border security walls are being built to protect Americans from dangers, not to keep us penned in, deny us our freedom and liberty, and ensure the survival of an authoritarian, socialist regime. Not that Ocasio-Cortez knows the difference.

A version of this story first appeared at NewsTarget.

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