By Jon Dougherty

The DC Swamp comprised of both Democratic and Republican establishment politicians believe they are always a step ahead of POTUS Donald Trump, but the reality is much different: They’re always about six steps behind him.

On Friday, POTUS Trump signed an insulting budget bill so the entire federal government would remain open for the rest of the fiscal year — there’s no leverage in another shut-down at this point — while simultaneously declaring a national emergency along the crime-ridden, porous U.S.-Mexico border.

The Democrat Left, mostly, when apoplectic again and is vowing to sue the president in a case they’re going to lose because Congress years ago gave presidents — the current one included — all the authority necessary to declare an emergency and get done whatever he wants to get done as a result of the declaration.

In POTUS Trump’s case, the Swamp gave him another 2020 reelection rallying motto: “Finish the wall!”

Along with, “Keep America Great Again,” it’s a one-two campaign pitch that will be insurmountable for whomever the eventual Democrat nominee is.

“Now, you really mean, ‘Finish that wall,’ because we’ve built a lot of it,” the president said at a campaign rally Monday in El Paso after supporters broke out in chants of “Build that wall!”

The mainstream media has attempted to ‘fact-check’ the president’s claim, insisting that it’s wrong and that he’s yet to build any substantial amount of border barriers at all.

Quite simply, that’s bunk — and we reported that a few weeks ago.

We noted:

The fact is, the media has been lying about this issue for months, mostly to provide political cover for Democrats so they can continue to virtue signal and posture for their voters. Because in reality, there are new sections of border wall, fencing, and barriers being erected now — but the Washington establishment media is studiously, and purposefully, avoiding informing their readers and views.

And naturally, Democrats aren’t telling their constituents that border wall construction is currently happening — under the Trump administration — thanks to funding that had already been approved.

What’s more, the new barriers are already having their desired effect.

  • Be prepared…be very prepared

    Here’s an example of the kind of phony reporting (the president calls it “fake news”) we’re up against. A Washington Post report on Saturday claimed:

    The strategy comes with serious risks. It largely assumes that despite Trump’s poor poll numbers and his setback in the midterms, he remains popular enough to rely on the same strategy that delivered him the White House through a thin electoral college victory even as he lost the popular vote by almost 3 million votes.

    This quite possibly could be the fakest of fake news paragraphs of 2019 so far. One, the president’s poll numbers are awesome and recently hit 52 percent approval (50 percent as of Friday). Number two, he won by a substantial electoral margin (306-232 – a landslide by modern standards). And all of Hillary’s popular vote win came from one state — California. Hardly a mandate.

    Nevertheless, this is what the president is up against: Raw, blatant misinformation (propaganda) not only regarding his record and popularity but his achievements thus far, which includes substantial wall construction.

    “The wall is very, very on its way,” Trump told a conference of law enforcement officials Wednesday. “It’s happening as we speak . . . and it’s a big wall. It’s a strong wall. It’s a wall the people aren’t going through very easy.”

    By any measure, he’s right. And “Finish the Wall!” is still likely to resonate well with the same electorate that handed him the White House in 2016, especially when he couples it with his other accomplishments — jobs, economy, better trade deals, Chinese capitulation, a North Korean peace deal, and, of course, border barriers.

    That, and the fact that whoever wins the Democratic Party nomination is going to be for the exact opposite: Higher taxes, open borders, no walls and fences, and of course, a healthy dose of socialism.

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