By Jon Dougherty

On Thursday reports noted that fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe confirmed in his new book and in an interview with “60 Minutes” some legitimate bombshells worthy of serious scrutiny.

According to excerpts of an upcoming “60 Minutes” interview, McCabe said he ordered the ‘obstruction of justice’ probe into POTUS Donald Trump, allegedly because he was “concerned” about ‘Russian collusion.’

Not only that, but he also admitted that he was involved in “discussions” with the Justice Department to “remove” our duly-elected president under terms outlined in the 25th Amendment after Trump fired FBI Director James Comey over his pathetic handling of the Hillary Clinton classified email probe.

That’s not all.

You may recall last year, someone leaked details to The New York Times of a plot discussed by McCabe, current Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and others to send Rosenstein into POTUS’ office wearing a “wire,” with the objective being to record the president saying something outlandish or outrageous so the DoJ could go to Trump’s Cabinet and convince a majority of them to deem him mentally unfit to hold office, thus facilitating his removal.

As it turns out, according to McCabe’s new book, that story was true — though, of course, Rosenstein and the Justice Department are blowing it off as a phony.

“There were meetings at the Justice Department at which it was discussed whether the vice president and a majority of the Cabinet could be brought together to remove the president of the United States under the 25th Amendment,” CBS News correspondent Scott Pelley said Thursday on the network. Pelley interviewed McCabe for the “60 Minutes” segment.

As bad as this is — and it is bad because what McCabe was involved in sure looks an awful lot like he was involved in a coup attempt — it’s even worse than that, according to investigative journalist Adam Housley.

In a series of tweets Thursday following McCabe’s 60 Minutes revelations, he explained that this culture of sedition runs much deeper within the bowels of the FBI and Justice Department than the vast majority of Americans realize.

“As everyone on my feed debates the McCabe interview. One reminder. I reported the FBI internal issues began well before Trump ran and McCabe had issues with agents who didn’t play his game. Not defending Trump, just saying there’s a ton more to this story,” he began.

Housley says that much of the conspiring — and that’s what it was, a conspiracy — took place under the guise of social gatherings arranged by McCabe, and largely without fired former FBI Director James Comey’s knowledge.

Largely, meaning it isn’t accurate to say that Comey didn’t know anything about what was going on under his “leadership.”

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    “This group of people met without the Director knowing I am told and passed off the meetings as BBQ’s…when they were meetings all about control. Again, this started a while ago and targeted other agents who didn’t play their game,” Housley wrote.

    “What I am saying is that this was a power and control issue, kinda like unmasking. You didn’t play with them, you were targeted. Period. Agents know and they’ve seen how those who spoke out were treated and bankrupted.”

    Housley also chided lawmakers and the establishment media for either being too “divided” to “care” about what was taking place inside McCabe’s world or for not being curious enough to ask more probing questions thanks to overt partisanship.

    “Because everyone who cares is so divided and the media is at the very least ignorant, nobody is asking the deeper questions. Did 60 Mins ask how long these meetings had gone on?” he wrote.

    Housley adds that his biggest interest is in ensuring the long-term viability and survival of our republic.

    “My horse in this race is our country. Truth and decency. I’ve signed on to no man or woman. Like many corporations, there are power plays and cliques. This one happened to be in an agency that ruined some people’s lives,” he wrote.

    Some on Twitter challenged Housley’s assumptions, but he assured them he has facts, names, and details to substantiate what he’s saying.

    He also had some interesting perspectives on Comey.

    One user, CageyBee, who also claims to have insider knowledge (and a book coming out soon that will lay it all out) noted that it was difficult to believe that the former director wasn’t up to speed on McCabe’s plotting.

    “Without the director knowing…That’s worthy of dark laughter right there. They are lying,” the user wrote.

    “He didn’t know about all their meetings. He knew some stuff, but he also was purposely kept out of the loop. He defended them, but he was #1 about his image. I was told ‘James finally got the spotlight after always carrying everyone else’s bags’ Meaning other Directors,” Housley responded.

    CageyBee replied: “James’ weaknesses are well known in the agency; he likes to talk out of turn, and it’s all about him. Always. That’s why he was such a good choice for their game, no one respected him anyway and his honesty is tenuous at best.”

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    To which Housley responded, “Bingo.”

    But it was more that that, apparently. Comey not only abused the trust of the American people — his pathetic enabling of Hillary Clinton’s criminal abuse of classified emails comes to mind — but he wasn’t even trustworthy within his own Deep State circles.

    “The only reason he wasn’t in on everything is because even the plotters knew they couldn’t trust him.You know who else should never have trusted him or anyone connected with him? The American people,” wrote CageyBee.

    Bottom line: Barack Obama apparently inherited a corrupt federal law enforcement and intelligence apparatus, and because he’s a destroyer of constitutional republics rather than builder or preserver of them, he weaponized the DoJ, FBI, and elements of the intelligence community against his political enemies.

    This is textbook sedition or, since POTUS Trump inherited a country that has literally been at war since 9/11, one could even make the case that the attempt to oust him without cause was outright treason.

    Either way, new Attorney General William Barr has his work cut out for him in cleaning up this seditious infestation. We hope he’s up to the task.

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