By Jon Dougherty

Portions of major cities in Western U.S. states including California, Oregon, and Washington are increasingly becoming uninhabitable as rats, homeless people, and drug users have turned block after block into filthy, disease-ridden enclaves.

“Once upon a time, our beautiful western cities were the envy of the rest of the world, but now they serve as shining examples of America’s accelerating decline,” writes Michael Snyder at his End of the American Dream blog.

“The worst parts of our major western cities literally look like post-apocalyptic wastelands, and the hordes of zombified homeless people that live in those areas are too drugged-out to care.”

The decline of these cities isn’t due to a lack of funds; places like Seattle and San Francisco are among the wealthiest in the country, and yet they are among the worst examples of urban decline under Democratic leadership.

In Los Angeles, for example, officials at are battling a rat infestation that has grown far beyond the city government’s ability to handle it.

The UK’s Daily Mail notes that “officials at Los Angeles’ City Hall are considering ripping all of the building’s carpets up, as rats and fleas are said to be running riot in its halls.”

Council President Herb Wesson filed a motion earlier this month to begin the renovations.

“Employees shouldn’t have to come to work worried about rodents,” Wesson said to the LA Times. “I intend to do whatever it is we need.”

The paper noted further:

After one of his staff members was bitten by a flea late last year, Wesson closed the entire fourth floor office and had all the rugs removed.

But after learning an employee on another floor has suffered the same fate, he’s asked officials to examine how much it would cost to re-carpet the whole of the 91-year-old building.

This comes after L.A. health officials announced that the downtown districts are in the midst of a typhus outbreak. Nine cases have been recorded in the downtown region over the past two months, including among the city’s homeless population, “as human waste and trash litters the nearby sidewalks,” the Daily Mail noted.

Typhus flourishes in filthy conditions and is spread by rats and fleas.

Meanwhile, homelessness in Los Angeles, a city that draws millions of tourists per year, is rising about 20 percent annually, NBC Los Angeles reports. Public drug use is rampant and trash is piling up everywhere.

In Salem, Oregon, city officials were recently forced to close a homeless encampment that was so filthy it resembled the third world:

Amid the trash, human despair and anguish, one weeping woman prepared to leave the most recent place she knows as home without any real inkling of where she’ll go next.

Terry Balow, an outreach worker with the Salvation Army, has been here for the darker moments of living life under a bridge — anger, mental illness, drug use and human frustration boiling over at times everywhere one looks.

Yet it was a rat infestation and concern about human health that prompted the city of Salem to move the campers out.

“It just grew and grew and got worse,” Balow said. “It’s badder than people can imagine.”

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    Homeless encampments have been part of the American landscape for decades, but the problem is growing — especially in Western cities — because policies enacted by Democratic leaders serve as magnets for the homeless. And without proper care and sanitation, their encampments become epicenters for filth and disease.

    How are Democrats creating these problems? Denver, where it’s now legal to go to the bathroom in public, serves as an example:

    First, the obvious: The Denver City Council has voted unanimously to decriminalize a number of offenses, including defecating in public. Also, urinating in public. Camping on public or private land without permission. Panhandling. And lying across public rights-of-way, such as sidewalks.

    Democrat Mayor Michael Hancock and city officials explained the new ordinances are designed to protect immigrants — legal and the other kind — from “unintended consequences.” These consequences were fines and longer jail terms, as has been customary in most places for violating the behavioral norms of civilized American society.

    In terms of public urination and especially defecation, San Francisco has the dubious honor of becoming the nation’s leading urban center of disgust and filth — and disease: During one seven day stretch last summer, a total of 16,000 official complaints were submitted to the city about human feces.

    “Blessed with such beautiful natural surroundings and so much wealth, San Francisco should be a great place to visit, but that definitely is not the case,” Snyder writes.

    Investigative reporter John Stossel recently visited the city by the bay and was shocked by what he discovered:

    San Francisco is a pretty good place to “hang out with a sign.” People are rarely arrested for vagrancy, aggressive panhandling or going to the bathroom in front of people’s homes. In 2015, there were 60,491 complaints to police, but only 125 people were arrested.

    Public drug use is generally ignored. One woman told us, “It’s nasty seeing people shoot up — right in front of you. Police don’t do anything about it! They’ll get somebody for drinking a beer but walk right past people using needles.”

    That could be due to the fact that city health officials hand out syringes to drug addicts — nearly 6 million of them last year alone (at taxpayers’ expense).

    Stossel also reported that theft is rampant in San Francisco.

    In a piece for Zero Hedge, financial expert Bill Blain wrote that the conditions he witnessed recently during a visit to San Francisco were abysmal:

    I hope my American hosts will forgive me for raising this, but the squalor we saw in The City was frightful. San Francisco has always been one of favourite US cities, but the degree of homelessness, mental illness and drug abuse we saw on this trip was truly shocking. Walking round SF on a Sunday Morning and we saw sights we couldn’t believe. This must be one of the richest cities in the world – home to 4 of the 10 richest people on the planet according to Wiki. I asked friends about it, and they shrugged it off.. “The City has always attracted the homeless because of the mild weather,”.. “It’s a drug thing”.. “it’s too difficult”… “you get used to it..”

    Well, I didn’t.

    I found it quite shocking the number of folk sleeping rough on the sidewalks, the smell of weed and drug impedimenta everywhere, the filth, mental illness and degradation on view just a few meters from the financial centre driving Silicon Valley. It’s a city where the destitute seem to have become invisible to the Uber hailing elites. We found ourselves hopping on one of the beautiful F-Route Trolley Buses to find nearly every seat occupied by someone lugging around their worldly possessions around in a plastic bag. It was desperately sad.

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    “America is in an advanced state of decay, and it is getting worse with each passing year,” Snyder writes. And yet, “if we keep doing the same things we will keep getting the same results.”

    Democrats show no signs of reversing these policies, which means that the disease-ridden streets in their cities are only going to become less inhabitable.

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