By Jon Dougherty

The Arizona affiliate of Spanish-speaking network Univision featured a story about POTUS Donald Trump’s border security objectives that was pure propaganda aimed at scaring the Hispanic population the station serves.

Featured in the broadcast was a sinister-looking bearded military character recognized by millions of gamers: Blackbeard, of the Rainbow Six game series.

Yes, that’s right, Hispanic Arizonans; a fictional Navy SEAL — or operatives like him — are preparing to patrol the U.S.-Mexico border, heavily armed and under instructions from the president to shoot any illegal crosser on sight.

Or, at least, that’s certainly the image Univision Arizona is trying to portray.

As reported by GamersRD, the president’s requested border wall funding has become one of the most controversial political issues of the day, with (most) Republicans favoring additional wall money and the vast majority of Democrats opposed to it.

While POTUS Trump has certainly made the case that the lawlessness, mostly in the form of human and drug smuggling, along the border has risen to the level of a national emergency, and the president has indeed deployed elements of the U.S. military there to assist Border Patrol agents, it isn’t as if the White House is preparing to deploy special forces troops — or any troops who look as though they’re on a mission to hunt down Osama bin Laden’s successor.

This blatant propaganda isn’t a small thing. Univision Arizona “serves the 1.6 million Hispanics living in Phoenix, Arizona and surrounding areas,” GamerRD reported.

“As noted on Reddit and Twitter, the broadcast saw one of the operators of the game, Blackbeard, appear behind the two anchors of the television station, accompanied by the text ‘security on the border,’ and a model of the wall,” the website added.

Either the editor responsible for finding graphics for the report is a gamer who plays Rainbow Six a lot, or it was a purposeful attempt to propagandize the president’s border security efforts and scare Hispanics — who are already particularly sensitive to the subject.

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    We’re going with the latter, given that Univision is no fan of POTUS Trump.But as the White House has argued, border security should not be politicized and propagandized. And yet, the Left does so repeatedly.

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