On Tuesday reports noted that a bipartisan group of lawmakers has produced a “border security deal” that includes less than $1.5 billion in funding for 55 miles of border wall/fence/barrier, along with other provisions that have essentially made the deal a non-starter for the White House.

Besides offering less money than they have in recent months for new border wall construction, Democrats are insisting that the number of space and beds available for Immigration and Customs Enforcement to house illegal immigrants be reduced by thousands by keeping detention capacity at the current 40,520 level.

Essentially, that would mean that ICE will have to essentially release criminal aliens into the interior of our country with a note that says, ‘Hey, you have to appear in court on this date, and we’d really appreciate it if you showed up for it a couple of years from now.’

The White House immediately pushed back on the proposal, with one spokesman asking not-so-rhetorically which Democratic districts should ICE release those criminal aliens.

Will the president accept this deal?

“We not sure yet, to be quite honest,” White House Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley said, adding:

I’m not really ready to focus on what could be in there. I’d like to focus on what is actually in there. But we haven’t seen that yet.

We’ve heard some rumors and we’ve heard some reports. We’ve seen some reporting on exactly what could or could not be in there, but it doesn’t jive with what we’re hearing. It’s not consistent with what we’re hearing coming out of the conference committee. So until we actually see it, it’s very difficult to comment on it.

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    I will tell you, the president obviously wants to protect the American people. He’s been clear about what he wants. And so far, all we’ve heard from Democrats are proposals that included letting people out of jail who were convicted criminals. Some of those include rapists and murderers. That’s completely unacceptable.

    So if that kind of language is still in there, if they are going to stand by that particular proposal that ICE can’t arrest criminals, and the ones that are in there, in overflow, have to be released, we’ve got a whole ‘nother situation on our hands.

    And the only thing that’s missing from the Democrat proposal — if that’s still in there, in fact — is a proposal from them to tell us exactly which districts of their own that they’d like for us to put those criminals into. Because that’s just a ludicrous notion on its face.

    So until we see actually see the language, it’s very difficult to comment on something that isn’t in front of us.

    Asked why Democrats would insist on limiting the number of ICE detention beds, Gidley said, “Probably, I guess, it could be from their desire for open borders.”

    Spot-on. Because you can’t destroy America as it was founded unless you flood it with millions of people who have no historical, cultural, or emotional ties to it.

    If for no other reason, this is why POTUS Trump must continue to push for border wall money wherever and however he can get it. Because Democrats are never going to go along willingly with any plan that seriously interrupts their flow of future voters in their newly remade Socialist States of America.

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