By Jon Dougherty

The Democrat-aligned establishment media reported Wednesday that congressional negotiators and the White House were “close” to an agreement to keep the government open past Friday when a three-week stopgap funding bill POTUS Donald Trump signed late last month expires.

The agreement, we’re being told, contains something less than $1.4 billion in new funding requested by the president for the construction of new border wall — or border “fence,” or border “barriers’ — whatever term assuages Democratic sensibilities this week.

Some reports also suggest that the president is considering signing the legislation even though it contains far less than the $5.7 billion he’s been asking for all along.

If POTUS doesn’t sign it, not only will the government shut down again, but the lamestream media will, of course, blame it on Trump and Republicans, and Democrats will be portrayed as ‘holding the line’ against the White House’s ‘bigotry,’ ‘racism’, and border wall ‘extremism,’ for the good of the country.

And, of course, the media will claim that since Democrats ‘stood firm’ against wall funding, no new sections of wall will be built.

The fact is, the media has been lying about this issue for months, mostly to provide political cover for Democrats so they can continue to virtue signal and posture for their voters. Because in reality, there are new sections of border wall, fencing, and barriers being erected now — but the Washington establishment media is studiously, and purposefully, avoiding informing their readers and views.

And naturally, Democrats aren’t telling their constituents that border wall construction is currently happening — under the Trump administration — thanks to funding that had already been approved.

What’s more, the new barriers are already having their desired effect.

KVIA in New Mexico reported in April 2018:

Construction on the new Southern New Mexico border wall has begun. 

“It was easier to cross before, but it’s harder to cross now,” said Victor Cuellar, a young boy living on the Mexican side of the Anapra bollard fence. “Fewer people cross now than before.”

The El Paso Times reported last spring:

A new $73 million bollard wall along a 20-mile portion of existing fence is going up along the U.S.-Mexico border in Santa Teresa, N.M. The construction of the “president’s border wall” began April 9 and is moving swiftly. Construction of the wall, which will replace existing posts that serve as vehicle barriers in the area, is expected to be completed by March.

The wall will stand 18 feet to 30 feet tall in different areas, depending on the terrain. “It is going help maintain a secure border. It is going to establish the operational control that the president has mandated,” El Paso Sector Chief Patrol Agent Aaron Hull said when construction was officially announced.

The New York Post reported in June 2018:

A 14-mile section of President Trump’s border wall is under construction in San Diego, at a cost of $147 million.

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    The money comes from the omnibus spending bill that Trump signed in March. The legislation included a $1.6 billion down payment on the “great, great” wall that – Trump promised throughout his presidential campaign – would stretch across the nation’s southern border.

    A year earlier, in July 2017, is actually when the president’s promised wall construction project began:

    Officials from the Customs and Border Protection officials reportedly acknowledged they are looking to build the first piece of President Trump’s border wall through the Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge in South Texas in January 2018.

    And so on. So when the president says, “We’ve already begun building the wall,” he’s not joking. It’s true.

    But the Washington establishment press and the Democrats they protect won’t tell Americans that because it detracts from the narrative that the Donkey Party is ‘stopping Trump from building his wall.’

    No, they’re not.

    Here’s what’s likely going to happen this week: The president is likely going to sign the legislation offered him containing a ‘downpayment’ on more border wall funding — the less-than-$1.4 billion in the current funding bill — so that the government remains funded for the rest of this fiscal year (through Sept. 30).

    He’ll then declare a national emergency, which will, of course, be challenged by Leftist Democrats and their lackeys at the ACLU and other groups. By the time September rolls around, the case will have wound its way through the federal courts (or will soon thereafter), giving the president a victory (because the law is clear: He has the authority to declare a national emergency at the border).

    Meantime, he’ll be in full 2020 campaign mode, and he’ll be showing images of walls and barriers going up all along the U.S.-Mexico border. And, after winning in court, he’ll be able to secure all of the funding he needs via discretionary accounts to finish the border wall as promised in 2016.

    What’s more, after Congress is pressured into approving his renegotiated NAFTA agreement (now known as USMCA), that’s when Mexico will begin paying for the wall (or repaying us) via a better trade arrangement.

    Anyone in the media or in the Donkey Party who is betting against the president getting the wall built is throwing their money away. He’ll get it done just like he promised.

    He’s already getting it built.

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